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Photo Editor

A Photo Editor has an eye for art and the skills to enhance existing images. These creative individuals also have a deep understanding of photography. They often work on images used for magazines, promotional ads, and more. Their skill in using photo editing software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, allows them to transform pictures into what the client needs. They may modify the hues and tones or edit aspects of the photograph to make it suitable for a project they’re assigned to.


Photo Editors have a clear understanding of what a brand represents and what themes are at play for a particular project. They brainstorm concepts and hire a photographer who can take the images they have in mind. They are also tasked with securing permits to shoot in certain locations. Once the pictures have been taken and approved, they proceed to editing and processing the images.


HOPLA’s Photo Editors display competency in a variety of areas, which include the following:

  • Hiring a photographer, securing permits to shoot in specific locations, and managing the overall photography project
  • Processing paperwork related to the project
  • Approving photographs and editing them as necessary
  • Making sure that the refined images adhere to the client’s style and brand
  • Coordinating with colleagues, including the marketing team and editors, for consistency in concepts and content

Finding the right person for the job doesn’t have to be difficult when you have HOPLA on your side. Reach out to us and find the next addition to your team today.

Job Overview
Photo Editor
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$ - $


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