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Video Editor

A Video Editor is very sharp and pays close attention to detail. They are responsible for arranging recorded footage in a particular order, making the transition to each clip as seamless as possible. Following the specifications of the director, they edit both the video and audio materials to make them suitable for viewing. With their impeccable skills, they are able to transform raw materials into a coherent story.


Video Editors are masters when it comes to manipulating video footage with the use of advanced editing techniques. Their talent allows the director’s vision to become fully realized. Even when they’re working under pressure brought by tight deadlines, they still manage to produce high-quality content that is worth broadcasting.


At HOPLA, we have Video Editors who display the range of their skills through the following:

  • Corresponding with the director to have a deeper and better understanding of what the finished product should look like
  • Arranging the raw materials according to the shot list
  • Manipulating video and audio materials according to the director’s specifications
  • Ensuring that each scene transitions seamlessly to the next one
  • Trimming and piecing together clips that have made the cut
  • Incorporating the right visual and sound effects
  • Adding the selected musical scores, dialogue, and graphics
  • Making sure that the storyline is clear and logical upon viewing
  • Asking for feedback from the director and production team during the editing process
  • Ensuring that the final product reflects all of the specifications mentioned by the director and the production team

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Video Editor


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