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Digital Marketing Manager

If you are looking for an individual who can take your business to new heights through informed and strategic promotions, then a Digital Marketing Manager is exactly what you need. This employee will be responsible for raising brand awareness by planning and handling effective marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing Managers have a firm grasp of the tools of their trade. Their expertise in utilizing methods and strategies to promote their company allows them to effectively execute the plans that have been conceptualized by their team.


At HOPLA, our Digital Marketing Managers display excellence in the following areas:

  • Creating digital marketing strategies based on existing economic trends, the company’s demographic and their predicted needs, as well as the performance of competitors
  • Planning and executing various aspects of digital marketing, including the marketing database, social media accounts, ad campaigns, and emails
  • Monitoring the performance of the executed digital marketing campaigns
  • Drafting and submitting reports about the overall performance of the implemented campaign
  • Identifying emerging trends and technologies in the industry
  • Brainstorming new and innovative ideas to help promote the company’s growth
  • Coordinating with other departments to improve user experience
  • Evaluating the experience of consumers across various channels
  • Determining critical points of conversion and how to optimize user funnels
  • Maintaining and improving the performance of the marketing team


HOPLA has a roster of highly skilled and qualified individuals who can contribute to your company’s success. If you would like to learn more about our line-up of hardworking and competent employees, hire a digital marketer and reach out to our team today.

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Digital Marketing Manager


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