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Project Manager

A Project Manager oversees a project from conception to completion. They are responsible for monitoring any progress made and ensuring that the work done meets the client’s expectations and fulfills their requests. As the leader, they understand different aspects of the project, including areas that they do not directly handle.


Project Managers utilize their excellent interpersonal skills since they need to work with many team members to ensure the success of a project. Their leadership and time-management skills also help them delegate tasks accordingly, track the progress made by the team, provide status reports to the clients, and ensure that deliverables are submitted on time.


HOPLA’s Project Managers showcase their competency through the following:

  • Determining what needs to be done for the project and what objectives need to be fulfilled
  • Assessing what resources will be needed for the success of the project
  • Creating a detailed schedule and work plan
  • Monitoring the progress made by the team
  • Keeping the stakeholders and clients updated about the progress made
  • Applying the best practices and techniques during the execution of the project
  • Coordinating with other departments who are also working on the project to ensure that everything is on track and can be completed on time
  • Finding solutions to any problems that arise during the execution of the project
  • Getting the approval of the clients once the deliverables have been submitted
  • Evaluating how the project went, including the successful and unsuccessful aspects, once it is done

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Project Manager


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