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SEO Expert

An SEO Expert knows all the techniques to increase traffic to a website. They are thorough researchers who gather as much data as possible to determine which keywords and phrases will make the company’s website rank high in search engines. These individuals know which tools to use to conduct keyword research, helping them narrow down which phrases are high in search volume.


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By analyzing the information they have gathered, an SEO Expert can create strategies to help implement methods and changes that will help boost organic and paid traffic. Their knowledge of search engines and effective SEO copywriting make them exceptional problem solvers. These individuals can drastically make improvements in a company’s website and optimize it for a high search engine ranking.


The SEO Experts in HOPLA exhibit their competencies in the following areas:

  • Using optimization tools designed to gather data for SEO purposes
  • Optimizing existing and new landing pages to make the company’s website rank high in search engines
  • Conducting keyword research and narrowing down which phrases to use
  • Creating and implementing campaigns to promote organic traffic
  • Developing link building strategies
  • Coordinating with other departments when it comes to content creation
  • Incorporating keywords with high search volumes in the website’s content
  • Determining the best locations for internal links

 At HOPLA, we understand that every employee contributes to the success of a business. To help your company succeed, feel free to reach out to us and select from our list of qualified applicants today.

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SEO Expert


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