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Appointment Setter

An Appointment Setter is responsible for scheduling meetings between the sales team and potential clients. These individuals can determine whether a person is showing interest in the company’s products and services. If they deem someone a potential client, they can arrange for them to meet a sales representative. To keep track of their daily work, they log all of the contacts they have been in touch with throughout the day.


Appointment Setters know the business’s products and services like the back of their hands. They also have an in-depth understanding of how the sales process works. With their knowledge, they are able to encourage customers to learn more and try out what the company has to offer, enough for them to agree to consult a member of the sales team.


At HOPLA, our Appointment Setters exhibit their competencies in the following duties:

  • Responding to incoming calls from prospective and existing clients
  • Answering any inquiries they receive promptly
  • Scheduling a meeting between the client and the sales representative
  • Reaching out to the list of prospective customers provided to them
  • Cold calling other prospects to narrow down which ones are genuinely interested in what the company has to offer
  • Keeping a record of the conversations between them and the prospective clients and indicating on record whether or not the person has taken an interest in the products and services
  • Making the manager aware of persistent complaints about the company products and services

Our team at HOPLA understands that the most suitable employees will be able to elevate your company’s performance. As such, we ensure that our roster is filled with the best individuals for the job. Contact us and review our selection today.

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Appointment Setter


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