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Inbound & Outbound Sales Support

An Inbound Sales Support is responsible for doing remote interactions with customers. They are in charge of responding to inquiries and providing solutions to problems raised by customers. Their interpersonal skills play an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction. These employees are tasked with and succeed at building and nurturing relationships with clients by giving them updates for any concerns they may have. They also relay pertinent information to customers regularly.


At HOPLA, our Inbound Sales Support can effectively do the following tasks:

  • Giving prompt responses to customers’ inquiries and concerns
  • Ensuring that the problems raised by a customer are solved as soon as possible
  • Assisting customers by providing detailed information about the company’s product and services
  • Documenting transactions, summarizing data, and identifying possible risks and opportunities based on the information gathered


While an Inbound Sales Support handles the customers who reach out to the company, their counterpart does the opposite. An Outbound Sales Support reaches out to potential customers and promotes the company’s products and services. Their talent for communication enables them to sell what the company has to offer without sounding generic or unnatural. They have the ability to obtain data from new and existing clients and input them into a computer system. 


HOPLA’s Outbound Sales Support showcase their skills in the following duties:

  • Generating leads by attending industry and networking events
  • Getting in touch with prospective customers
  • Making a list of warm and cold leads
  • Promoting the company’s products and services by focusing on the solutions they offer
  • Gathering customer information that can be added to the company’s database
  • Using a customer relationship management (CRM) software to see any progress made with potential customers


At HOPLA, we make sure that you won’t have any difficulty hiring the best employees for your company. Reach out to us and review our selection of proficient and professional candidates today.

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Inbound & Outbound Sales Support


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