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Lead Generation Expert

When it comes to the acquisition of new leads, no one can beat Lead Generation Experts. These professionals are in charge of searching for and qualifying prospects, increasing conversion rates and revenue in the process. In order to generate new leads, these specialists make outbound calls and send emails to possible customers. They also narrow down the leads to make the sales process more efficient.


Lead Generation Experts are skilled at researching possible leads and making them warm up until they are deemed interested enough to be handled by the sales team. Using their exemplary sales personality and marketing skills, Lead Generation Experts can encourage people to seek what the company has to offer. They also work fast and can easily determine which leads are the least and most likely to be converted, thus helping lighten the load that the sales team will handle.


HOPLA’s personable Lead Generation Experts showcase their efficiency in the following areas:

  • Identifying and contacting prospective clients
  • Determining the likelihood of conversion for each lead based on their level of interest
  • Narrowing down good-quality leads based on how compatible their industry is with the company
  • Avoiding unnecessary multi-selling by checking the CRM software and confirming how many leads come from each organization in the database
  • Using exceptional communication skills to encourage conversions as well as nurture a good working relationship with the sales and marketing teams
  • Being computer savvy and utilizing the CRM software for lead generation

HOPLA is dedicated to helping businesses from various industries to find the best people for their company. If you would like to see our list of highly qualified and competent applicants, contact our team today.

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Lead Generation Expert


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