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App Developer

App Developers are responsible for developing, updating, and coding functional software applications and programs. These analytical and detail-oriented people are knowledgeable about operating systems and programming languages. Their expertise in computer programming allows them to customize software and create prototype applications. They are also capable of testing source codes as well as troubleshooting applications.


App Developers have a background in software engineering, enabling them to develop new applications and modify existing ones as they see fit. In addition to their computer skills, they are also experienced in researching the needs of users and the newest trends in the industry. They apply the data they’ve gathered to their work, ensuring that their creations will be able to meet the needs of consumers.


At HOPLA, our App Developers can efficiently accomplish the following tasks:

  • Understanding the existing needs of consumers and how specific applications can address those
  • Developing application software that supply the needs and demands of users
  • Collaborating with the IT department and Back-End Developers when working on specific parts of new applications
  • Creating prototypes based on the specifications provided
  • Reviewing the performance of existing applications and modifying them accordingly
  • Developing and implementing the source codes of new software applications
  • Fixing bugs and addressing issues with the application’s performance

Recruiting qualified applicants is not as daunting as it seems when you have HOPLA doing the work for you. With our impeccable hiring system, we can guarantee that you will find the best candidate for your company.

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App Developer


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