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Back-End Developer

A Back-End Developer handles the exchange of data between the users and the company’s server. These highly proficient employees focus on developing and improving server-side applications as well as maintaining the central database. They merge the work done by their Front-End counterparts into the applications they are handling. Most of them also create APIs and web services that are utilized by Mobile Application Developers and Front-End Developers. Although these individuals specialize in back-end tasks, they also have a firm grasp of how the front-end works. 


A Back-End Developer’s work, infused with the creations of their Front-End counterparts, makes a user’s experience as seamless as possible. They improve their codes and research the latest developments in the industry to create a more efficient process. To do so, they utilize their outstanding computer and project management skills.


At HOPLA, our Back-End Developers perform the following tasks exceptionally well:

  • Coordinating with Front-End Developers to create functional codes that are designed to improve the overall user experience
  • Gathering and analyzing data, codes, and processes to resolve any issues found and narrow down what needs to be improved
  • Merging the developments made by Front-End Developers with server-side logic
  • Optimizing the application for maximum speed
  • Creating and maintaining web programs
  • Debugging as necessary
  • Staying up-to-date about the latest trends in the industry


You can have confidence that you are selecting the most ideal person for your business when you have HOPLA on your side. Contact us and review our selection of experienced experts today.

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Back-End Developer


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