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Drafters & Engineers

Drafters, or Draftsmen, are trained to create detailed technical drawings for machines and buildings. On the other hand, Engineers, particularly one that specializes in civil engineering, design and work on large construction projects. They are well-versed in various aspects of the construction and design process. These two work closely together to create blueprints and 3D representations of the structures that will be built.


An Engineer is an expert at designing technical construction plans. Once they have made drafts of their plans, the Draftsman will turn these into fleshed-out scale drawings. Both of these workers skillfully use different computer-assisted programs to create and render their plans. During the planning process, these individuals showcase their attention to detail and prowess in design.


The Drafters found in HOPLA prove to be assets to a company because of their competencies in the following tasks:

  • Creating technical drawings based on given calculations and specifications
  • Coordinating with Engineers and Architects to create a more accurate and better scale drawing
  • Designing both rough and refined drawings using a CADD software
  • Collaborating with Engineers during the redrafting process
  • Following building regulations when making a design
  • Expressing any concerns about design problems to the team


HOPLA’s roster of Engineers showcase their expertise in various areas through the following:

  • Developing, designing, and managing major construction projects
  • Completing construction plans in a sustainable manner
  • Inspecting the site for feasibility assessments
  • Determining what are the possible risks, what materials should be used, and how much the budget should be
  • Finding solutions for issues that arise during the construction process
  • Making reports on the progression of the project

If you are on the lookout for the best candidate for your business, our team at HOPLA can be of assistance. Reach out to us and review our roster of exceptional applicants today.

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Drafters & Engineers
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