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Front-End Developer

The visuals and elements that users interact with when using a web application are all implemented by Front-End Developers. Their creations are often integrated with the ones made by a Back-End Developer. As the ones responsible for the website’s interface, they are knowledgeable about the structures of web pages and how to merge functionality with design. They are also the ones who optimize sites for mobile phones.


Front-End Developers specialize in website design and making each tab perform as efficiently as possible. They also ensure that brand consistency persists in all of the web pages. To make all the necessary elements come together, a Front-End Developer works with their Back-End counterparts and Graphic Designers. In this aspect, they also utilize their good communication skills to make collaborations successful.


The Front-End Developers in HOPLA are notable for being competent in the following tasks:

  • Making design choices and developing features to enhance the user experience
  • Optimizing the website for mobile phone usage
  • Planning the structure and design of web applications
  • Optimizing websites for maximum speed and scalability
  • Using various markup languages to create web pages
  • Merging functionality and visually appealing designs
  • Writing codes that can be reused in the future
  • Collaborating with other team members and departments for optimum results

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Front-End Developer


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