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Web Developer

Designing the layout of a website and creating the corresponding codes are the responsibilities of a Web Developer. They prioritize user experience and functionality when doing their job. These skilled individuals are knowledgeable about computer programming and have a good grasp of graphic design as well. They are experts at creating and designing websites, both in the technical and visual aspects.


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Most Web Developers are present from the conception to the completion of websites. These workers also help with the maintenance and update of the company’s website. In order to do so, they must have a mastery of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other programming applications. 


HOPLA’s Web Developers fulfill the following duties with utmost competence:

  • Designing, building, and maintaining websites
  • Handling website updates
  • Writing well-designed codes
  • Utilizing basic HTML/ CSS practices to design the website’s layout
  • Using information taken from the database and back-end services
  • Refining and polishing the website according to technical needs
  • Coordinating with graphic designers for a unified visual concept
  • Studying the latest trends in technology
  • Saving backup files from websites to local directories
  • Detecting and correcting possible problems that were brought to light by user feedback
  • Ensuring that the codes used are on par with industry standards and are compatible with various browsers and operating systems

Hiring the right person for the job will be a breeze when you have HOPLA working alongside you. Get in touch with our team and choose from our selection of professionals today.

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Web Developer


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