Facebook content moderator jobs have a notorious reputation. You’ve heard it all – moderators experience everything from mental stress to physical health risks leading to death. However, the “ugly” or unpleasant reality of these jobs only highlights how important they are to the platform. Algorithmic programs are excellent, but you still need a human’s rational thinking to filter offensive language and content. 

The most popular social media platform is, indeed, often under fire for failing to protect content moderators. With the vast number of users associated with it, it’s no surprise why there’s pressure on execs to improve the current situation. Over 250 billion photos have been uploaded on the site, and video continues to rake in numbers for engagement. Although these types of content make online moderator jobs tougher, we cannot overlook how indispensable their role is in today’s social media landscape. 

Conquering the dark side of Facebook Content Moderator Jobs

A social media moderator is your first line of defense against high-risk content. Content moderator jobs usually involve reviewing forum comments, chat, images, and videos. It may seem easy on paper, but the task can be draining and stressful. Moreover, the job entails exposure to harmful content that can lead to depression, psychological trauma, insomnia, and even PTSD. It’s no wonder businesses are having a tough time recruiting for Facebook content moderator jobs. 

However, businesses can turn this situation on its head by knowing the right way to manage content moderator jobs. Even Facebook is expanding its tools to limit the adverse effects moderators may experience from dealing with disturbing content. Despite these measures, recruiting for community moderator jobs can still be a challenge. Many recognize the struggle that comes with being a content moderator.  

Choosing a content moderator to protect your business is a crucial task, and it all boils down to asking the right questions. For example, ask about any prior experience in community moderator jobs. Furthermore, it’ll be suitable for both parties if you set the right expectations from the get-go. If recruitment and selection become a problem, you can always delegate the task to an outsourcing firm like HOPLA. As a leader in its field, HOPLA can recruit only the best talent for your business. Helping you manage your content moderator is also a welcome bonus. 

Protecting your social media moderator

Facebook content moderator jobs can be totally difficult. Workdays can be long and the task itself, tedious, making moderators usually susceptible to burnout. However, you, as the business owner, can help protect those who are protecting your community.  So how do you take the edge off content moderator jobs? Equip yourself with the right tools and techniques to support their mental and physical well-being. Here are three suggestions:

Create a chatroom for watercooler sessions

Aside from ensuring consistent application of your pre-determined rules, watercooler sessions bring like-minded people together. It is a safe space where you can introduce the importance of prioritization and your rules around it. Having space where they feel they are safe to express themselves encourages an exchange of ideas and questions. Furthermore, it will allow your social media moderator to seek guidance where they want clarification.

Improve their benefits

We’ve established how emotionally taxing Facebook content moderator jobs can be. To alleviate worries that hang with it, you can start improving your staff benefits. Roll out resources for wellness and psychological support such as onsite counseling. Moreover, you can include recommendations on how they should spend their workday. Allow for frequent breaks so that they can refresh their eyes and mind from the tasks at hand. Switching tasks can also contribute to keeping your moderators focused and alert. 

Review their work and provide feedback

Going over your social media moderator’s job will provide insight into how well they’re following your guidelines. Reviewing their work ensures that there is consistency in the way moderation works for your page. Furthermore, monitoring their actions and providing corrections where necessary can be enlightening for them too. They’ll learn to identify what type of decisions they should make when tackling a specific task.  

Additionally, rewarding them for a job well done can improve morale. Appreciate your team in private and in front of their colleagues! When your team feels good about work, motivation and productivity will come naturally; thus, benefiting your business.

Giving Content Moderation Service an Upgrade

Facebook content moderator jobs are integral in keeping your brand’s reputation. Although these jobs are infamous for the stress that comes with them, protecting content moderators is not an impossible feat. With the right approach, your business can curb the negative impact that threatens to inflict on your staff. 

You can start by building a safe environment for discussions, psychological support, and ample rewards to lessen the stress. Moreover, you can partner with HOPLA to help you with your content moderation woes. HOPLA acknowledges the challenge that comes with the infamy of Facebook content moderator jobs. Thus, you can find that their solutions offer more conducive work conditions.

Connect with your community in a safe environment and promote your brand with the aid of Facebook content moderator jobs. Additionally, balance the ‘ugly’ side of it by partnering with managed outsourcing firm HOPLA. Get in touch us today to learn how outsourcing support services can make your life easier.