Businesses can attest to how creatives greatly contribute to their success. From striking copies to enticing images and video presentations, creatives can be considered as the core of a power team. In a world where these content creators are aggressive in putting themselves out there, it can be overwhelming and confusing to identify those who can craft high-quality outputs from those who lack the right skills. This is where creative talent management comes in.

With heaps of talents accessible at your fingertips, managing each one can be 1) time-consuming, 2) convoluted, and 3) erratic. Dealing with them is easy; dealing with them on a day-to-day basis is a different story. No worries, though. We’ve got a creative talent agency who knows the game of managing the virtual workforce in this ever-changing tech galaxy to give you some foolproof tips!

Effective Talent Management Strategies

Your people are your most important asset. Before establishing a company culture, sharing the company core values, mission, and vision with the key people comes as a priority, too. You make sure they are striving towards the same goal, undertaking the same path.

We always talk about retaining the top talents, forgetting the fact that the strategy structure should start as early as the recruitment process. Here are four key factors to focus on when crafting a creative talent management strategy for your business.

  1. Recruitment – While we always want an applicant to showcase a lasting impression, applicants who are confident about their worth want an organization that creates a lasting impression, too. Introduce your company in an honest but positive way. Encourage them to be part of your team by mentioning the opportunities you can provide when they work with you.
    Remember that you are targetting the creatives. Crafting your list of requirements and qualifications should be done creatively so they know they’re a good match. Some of them may be looking for full-time or part-time jobs; it’s essential to state it in your job ad and discuss the particulars in the most precise but informative way.
    Check existing reviews on sites like Glassdoor regarding your company. This can influence potential employees in making a decision to join your company.
  2. Talent Development – There’s a tendency for employees to feel stuck when they are not exposed to new learnings. Organizations should give high importance to learning and development that will benefit both parties. Development comes in many different forms; aside from workshops and pieces of training, it can also come in a form of blended learning, online courses, on-the-job training, and external conferences. In addition, development can also mean exposing a talent to huge projects and using their existing skills to accomplish the desired goal.
  3. Management – Effective creative talent management is not as easy as it sounds. For the record, managing a diverse set of creative individuals can be challenging as they have varying demands. However, it can be addressed by learning the key areas to focus on:
    • Eyeing one common set of business goals to help increase productivity.
    • Investing in training and development has a big impact on high retention rates.
    • Team working skills should be developed considering a fun, playful environment. When employees are at their happiest, they can be the most productive.
    • Communication should be open within the organization, wherein no team member should be afraid to speak up their concerns.
    • Conflict management, one of the most critical when managing an organization, should be guided by corporate values while still considering culture and giving space for the “human” in Human Resources.
  4. Retaining the talent – evaluating your staff members should be measured by a standard parameter. With the use of both quantitative and qualitative analysis, you can have a better understanding of their strengths. It also helps in identifying the areas that need improvements. More than that, this can be the basis of your next talent management structure. As the digital world keeps evolving, your management style should, too. And it demands constant monitoring to ensure a fun, interactive, and productive experience within the organization.

Modern Creative Talent Management Practices

Traditional is not cool anymore. If you want a forward-thinking set of individuals manning your organization, it’s time to focus on reinventing your practices within the (virtual) workspace. Consider these modern practices as you revamp your organization’s creative structure.

  • Pair staff member with the right mentors
  • Give meaningful assignments that serve value and purpose
  • Openly communicate with them in an informal but professional way
  • Invest in their learning and development that will add value to them and your company as well
  • Measure and evaluate their progress quarterly to monitor their professional growth

Diversity is key

Targeting a certain demographics of potential buyers shouldn’t limit your organization’s game plan. These buyers can access information about your products and services within seconds. Your only job is to feed them with abundant tips on your offerings and make sure they notice. But with the huge competition in the offline and online market, not to mention the short attention span of buyers, how do you steal their ever-precious attention?

Creatives are the heart of every marketing strategy, making ideas come to life through their wit and impeccable creative judgments. Ideas will always be ideas, and these creatives have the power to transform them in many incredible forms. Onboarding a team of global creative talents means having a stock of multicultural ideas and perspectives that can endorse your brand in various ways.

HOPLA, a creative talent agency, is an expert in finding and recruiting talents from anywhere in the world. We ensure that we only get the best out of the many candidates available online by testing their skills and interviewing them to learn their personalities as well. Through managed outsourcing, we created a pool of talents that strive to deliver nothing but quality content with the objective to satisfy all kind of clients. We work simultaneously with the help of talent management software that bolsters our productivity while keeping a fun virtual environment. As creatives ourselves, we are confident in our expertise in producing high-value output as well as managing our own team of creatives.

Want to know more about creative talent management that works? Call us today and we’ll lead you the way!