The outsourcing industry has been showing dramatical success and it shows no sign of slowing down. The range of services that can be outsourced has expanded from basic data entry processes to exclusive professional projects. Outsourcing in small business is more common than ever. Not only does it help an organization save costs but also introduces access to a global talent pool. But with the emerging trend in business process outsourcing, how do you choose among the many proclaimed best outsourcing companies in the world?

Different Types of Outsourcing

First things first. As a business owner, you should know the basic outsourcing model. More than that, you should also be knowledgeable about the different types of outsourcing. This will help you figure out which among the best companies can help you hit your goal effectively and efficiently.

As of today, there are four different kinds of outsourcing.

  • Professional Outsourcing. The most common type of outsourcing; it focuses on contracting a third party company to carry out professional projects. One example is outsourcing administrative assistants, accounting and payroll officers, legal management, and purchasing.
  • IT Outsourcing. As the use of app-based social media networking sites, the demand for IT support services continues to rise on a parallel scale. The biggest apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, and Google outsource IT support from different providers across the world.
  • Manufacturing Outsourcing. Outsourcing manufacturing services to countries with cheaper labor cost is common in the manufacturing industry. This is most evident in clothing and apparels. You may notice US brands having tags such as “Made from China” or “Made from Vietnam.”
  • Project Outsourcing. This is another conventional type of outsourcing. When a company or an organization needs a certain project to be done, assigning it to an expert is the easiest way out. This is especially helpful when an organization doesn’t need full-time staff for a long-term commitment. The rise of project-based employment can be responsible for the relentless boom of the gig economy in the past years.

Best Outsourcing Companies: The common ground

Finding the best company for your business or project can be tough. Unlike having an in-house staff to do the work, you have to wade through the sea of BPO services on the web luring you with their wittily-crafted copies and high assurance of commitment to work.

However, the best fit possess several similarities in services and they are easy to spot.

Constant growth

A company’s continuous growth is a healthy indication of their quality work. Assuming that past clients are satisfied with services, they probably transformed into returning customers which give life to the outsourcing business.

Positive online reviews

Just like any other services, their relationship with previous clients can reflect in online ratings such as their Facebook page, Google listings, and on their website. You can totally rely on testimonials you can find online to see if they really are among the best companies as they claimed to be.

Company core values

A business needs to establish a set of values that will guide them in performing their task. This intangible asset will help you determine how an outsourcing company live by in their daily work. More than that, this will also give you a vision of their working process and can be a factor to consider if they match your business objectives.

Assessing Your Needs

Business process outsourcing is heaven-sent to the global economy. No doubt, it has expanded to hiring home-based professionals aspiring to be part of the workforce in a location-independent setting. It all starts with assessing your needs. Considering the factors mentioned above, you can easily find which company can help you carry out your tasks while living up to your standards.

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