Filling up open positions can be a hassle. High turnover rates trap you in an endless cycle of searching, screening, interviewing, and endorsing candidates for open positions. Finding and letting go of talent can cost not only your clients but your recruitment agency too.  So how do you put an end to your recruitment woes? Easy. Strategize by hiring a remote recruitment assistant.

Overcoming challenges at your recruitment agency

Recruiters face different challenges depending on the role and the company they’re working for. Take, for example, the time it takes to accomplish a recruitment activity. Before you can move on to the next phase, you need to make sure that all necessary checks are completed. If the requirements in screening are incomplete, you might attract candidates that are underqualified. Underqualified candidates prolong the recruitment process unnecessarily when you could have already interviewed a potential hire instead. There may also be instances where candidates are disillusioned during the recruitment process because of how time-consuming it is. As a result, candidates may drop out or worse, reject the job offer at the last minute.

A remote recruitment assistant offers solutions for your recruitment agency to overcome such challenges. All you need to do is assign tasks that will enable them to develop and execute strategies to help source the right candidates. They screen potential candidates and conduct initial conversations with them via phone or email. Besides screening and calling talents, let’s look at other ways a remote recruitment assistant can improve your recruitment process:

Constructing online ads and announcements

One of the keys to a smooth hiring process is preparation and this is where a remote recruiter can work on your materials. They have exceptional writing skills and are updated with the latest trends necessary for composing interview notifications and job descriptions. Moreover, they craft comprehensible job opportunities that can be posted on appropriate job portals or social media platforms. All you need to do is to equip your remote recruiter with complete details of your open opportunities. Ample information will support them as they create accurate job ads that can stir potential talents’ interest.

Virtual assistant recruiters are updated with the latest trends in reaching the best talent and it’s usually through social media. Leverage a remote hiring assistant’s skills at creating graphics of your vacancies through online tools like Canva to save time and attract candidates.

Screening and scheduling

Getting your Inbox filled with CVs from interested candidates can be overwhelming. They can conduct an initial screening of your applicants to ensure that you get quality candidates shortlisted. They can assess applicants’ skill sets and select candidates that can move on to the next stage. Additionally, a remote recruiter can set up and organize your calendar with interview schedules to save your time and effort.

Communicating through various channels

Virtual assistant services include supporting email, phone, social media exchanges with potential candidates. Accordingly, they establish rapport with candidates by replying to queries about the job ad and provide them feedback and follow-up. A virtual assistant recruiter engages with applicants to give them information about the position as well as manage their expectations which is very important for employer branding.

Assisting interviews

They analyze your client’s requirements and compares them with candidate qualifications. They can leverage this knowledge to help you with your interview questions. You can also have them listen in on the interview and take down notes. This gives you the opportunity to focus on the candidate’s verbal skills and non-verbal cues during the interview. Alternatively, you can record the interview and let your virtual assistant transcribe it for future reference. They can also create profiles based on interview notes that can help your assessment of the candidate’s potential.


Organizing your internal database

Have you ever thought about how much time it takes to sort and organize an internal candidate database? Browsing through applications and referrals can take up much of your time if it’s not properly organized. Monitor all your recruitment activities with the help of a remote recruitment assistant. They can enter a candidate’s basic information and key qualifications according to your preferred format in a dedicated database. In addition, they can format resumes before submitting them to hiring managers. A database of candidate profiles or talent pool can be beneficial to you in the future when you begin seeking out candidates for new open positions.

Outsourcing a Dedicated Remote Recruitment Assistant

Managing the recruiting process from prospect to hire need not be a hassle. A full-time virtual assistant recruiter can make efficient, effective, and productive advantage without burning your pocket. Furthermore, with their skills in performing skill assessments and reference and background checks, rest assured that you are only hiring and onboarding topnotch talents.

If you’re interested to open your team to the idea of outsourcing hiring and recruitment assistants, all you need to do is reach out to folks at HOPLA. Managed outsourcing firm HOPLA will show you what a first-class outsourcing recruitment and selection process looks like. Email or chat with us today to learn more about how a remote recruitment assistant can streamline your process of finding the right candidate for the right position.