Remote work careers have been gaining popularity in recent years due to the obvious benefits it offers. Even huge companies and employees are recognizing the advantages of the more flexible approach of working remotely. Businesses offering remote jobs enjoy a global pool of talent, improved employee retention, and cost-effectiveness. Employees, on the other hand, are attracted to the idea of no commute + increased productivity = better work-life balance. So, if you’re interested in joining the growing statistics for remote positions, finding one can be easy. You go online, search for the job you want, and choose from thousands of job openings available.

However, getting hired for remote jobs is just the first step in building remote work careers. To experience its benefits, you should be aware that there are also challenges that come with it.  For example, if you’ve been used to physical interaction, it may be challenging to feel connected when working on remote jobs from home. We cannot also discount the possibility of more distractions at home in the form of children, pets, and Netflix. Because homes are designed for Netflix and chill, right? Fortunately, these struggles can be addressed by these ultimate secrets to thriving in remote work careers. Managed outsourcing firm HOPLA lets us in these secrets.


A hunger for knowledge sets the stage for the opportunity to change for the better.

Growing successful remote careers is all about having the right values and attitudes toward work. Consequently, having a positive outlook begins with finding the right job. Once you’ve determined what you like to do, and you’ve matched it with what you do best, you develop positive motivations to lead you to success. Additionally, here are five secrets to help you triumph in your remote career journey:

Set achievable goals

Personal goal setting is all about knowing what you want to achieve and planning how to commit to it. Identify your targets and set a timeline for hitting them. When you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you’ll know where to channel your energy. Moreover, setting achievable goals enables you to better supervise yourself in the face of distractions.

Be open to learning

A hunger for knowledge sets the stage for the opportunity to change for the better. Learning goes beyond knowing what your trade is all about. It also refers to the ability to accept constructive criticism and gaining a chance for positive change. In the context of remote jobs, processes can be different from the traditional office setup. To strive in working remotely, develop a willingness to ask questions, and be open to new ideas offered to you.

Establish connections with your team

Proactive communication will not only benefit your career but your organization as well.

Remote careers do not allow the luxury of bumping into a colleague in the office hallway. Your breaks will mostly be spent alone or with your family at home. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot build relationships with your teammates. Leverage the gift of digital technology and reach out to your colleagues. Always keep your communication channels open. Provide status reports to show respect for your colleague’s time and efforts. And lastly, nurture your connections by being honest in time of difficulties. Proactive communication will not only benefit your career but your organization as well.

Manage your energy

A piece on the 2007 October issue of the Harvard Business Review suggests that to manage yourself at work, start managing your energy, not your time. It further states that time is a finite source, while energy, the capacity to work, can be reproduced. Therefore, to get to the top of your goal, design a schedule that will maximize your energy.

To manage yourself at work, start managing your energy, not your time.

Determine the time of the day that you feel most comfortable to work. Find time to squeeze in activities that will increase your energy like meditation breaks or 15-minute walks. Managing your energy does not only result in better performance but also contributes to your overall well-being.

Acknowledge your accomplishments

After a long day, commend yourself for a job well done. Celebrate your wins, whether big or small. This is one way to gain a feeling of fulfillment. More so, priding yourself for your achievements influences productivity and performance. When you feel that you did an excellent job, you will continue to put a value on the work that you do and always strive to do better. Share your wins with your team to spark inspiration and motivation.

Growth Opportunities in Remote Work Careers

Success in this industry all boils down to one key factor – YOU. Get to know yourself and develop the right habits to achieve your goals. When you have the right reasons for working remote jobs, success will come smoothly.

If you are looking for more ways to boost or improve your remote career, choose to partner with an experienced work from home company like HOPLA. Our expertise can expand your opportunities while ensuring your fulfillment in what you do best. Chat with us today and let us know how we can help you explore growth opportunities and emerge a winner in your career.