Social media manager job is rampant undoubtedly since all businesses are going digital. What is a social media page without a skilled social media manager to handle all your marketing campaigns? But just because there’s a long list of candidates out there doesn’t mean finding a good one can be a breeze. Learn about the three T’s a candidate must possess to successfully land a social media manager job.


We all know that a social media manager should have a high tolerance for stress and can multitask when necessary (which is, who are we kidding, all the time). The best candidate for a the job should have a wide set of skills and flexible traits that will make up for an ideal social media admin.

  • Social media savvy – Obviously, they should know their way around different social media platforms. This is not limited to the ability to navigate through the pages and knowing the function of every tab and button. This also means being in the know of the latest trends in their industry and the ability to adapt quickly to the fast-evolving world of digital media.
  • Organized. The job usually gets you assigned to multiple clients with varying demands. Thus, a social media manager should have the capacity to adapt easily and at the same time deliver quality results as expected.
  • Analytical. They should have a strong analytical ability to read the numbers presented and use this data for future strategy and planning.
  • Flexible. Social media is fast-evolving and they are expected to adapt without hesitation. Flexibility does not only refer to the constantly upgrading platforms but also to clients’ unpredictable and shifting instructions and expectations.
  • Professional and Emotionally mature. Dealing with different clients is packaged with conflicts and misunderstanding. What works for one doesn’t work for the other and it can be frustrating to insist an ideal social media plan to some clients. A good social media manager understands that it is completely normal and should face every conflict professionally and with emotional maturity.
  • Has a sense of humor. This is a personality that every business looking to hire a social media manager forgets to add in their job advertisements. Sure, a social media manager needs to strategize and analyze. But putting some fun in your social media persona humanize your brand and appeals more to your target market. Generating a humorous voice while incorporating wit in your social media content will definitely stir some loving from your following.

Tools Proficiency

After personality follows technical proficiency. While it can always be learned online, it’s always an advantage to hire a professional that has expertise in several social media management tools.

Post scheduler such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social can also serve as social media listening tools. Each software comes with unique functions and reporting features which can greatly benefit your business if the data is utilized well.

Creating a content calendar being a monthly responsibility of the role is of great importance. Basically, a social media manager needs to be proficient in G Suite and use each component accordingly for creating, implementing, executing, and evaluation an editorial content plan and calendar.

Although a lot of new software offering competitive features that will improve their job, it’s a personal responsibility to acquire new knowledge and experience with the most five-star-rated software they can use for client’s demand.


A seasoned social media manager knows that one size doesn’t fit all. He/she needs to be inquisitive enough to formulate an effective social media strategy tailor-made for a client’s unique requirements.

Knowledge and experience in multiple platforms. They equipped with knowledge of all social media platforms has more edge compared to someone who specializes in only one medium. Versatility will always be relevant and the ideal candidate knows how to advocate for each platform without leaving other tasks behind.

Maintaining brand consistency across all platforms. The job can be hectic one given that it demands to maintain brand consistency in all platforms. This means maximizing your brand reach and taking advantage of all potential clients waiting to be tapped by just showing up on their feeds.

Producing compelling contents. Content is king but context is queen. This speaks true to all kinds of digital marketing campaigns. An ideal social media manager needs to have a high understanding of effective content and appealing visuals to create quality content that converts.

Social media manager job right within your reach

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