These days, hiring a virtual assistant is an already acceptable option for busy professionals who want to dedicate their precious time on jobs that demand their full attention. Maybe Upwork pops in your thought bubble when we mention the “best virtual assistant companies this year”. Nah, not anymore.

There are thousands of companies worldwide, all aiming to diminish inefficiency in the industry by providing quality virtual assistant services. This list of the best companies this year will save your time in finding your next partner in crime in boosting your productivity and decreasing working hours through smart, collaborative approach.

*Note that these virtual assistant websites come in no particular order.

Best virtual assistant companies

  1. Belay. BELAY Solutions offers outsourcing services such as virtual assistant, virtual bookkeepers, and website specialist. It has received relatively high ratings on Glassdoor from both clients and contractors who have worked with the website. Formerly EaHelp, Belay extends their services to individuals who are 1) struggling to complete their work in a limited amount of time, 2) seeking work-life balance, and 3) aiming to grow their business by improving their daily operations.
  2. Worldwide101. Compared to other companies, Worldwide101 boasts of their premium staffing subscription for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, enterprises, and even corporations. Pricing starts at £340/mo for a 10-hour plan. Clients can opt for a bigger monthly plan customized based on their preferred set up. Services are inclusive of executive assistant services, project management, email marketing, social media, content marketing, bookkeeping, and customer service. Similar to Belay, they have a high rating on Glassdoor, mostly from virtual assistants who previously and are currently working with them.
  3. Prialto. Prialto works toward making an Executive’s life much easier by providing virtual assistant services packed with lots of automation that can improve their daily life at work. Working with Prialto starts with five basic steps from getting to know your business through an assessment, reviewing your specialized delegation plan, onboarding, meeting the team, and the workflow finally starts. Prialto’s services include relationship manager, sales assistant, and time manager.

The common ground

These virtual assistant companies have one thing in common: they all aspire to boost productivity in the workplace through smart delegation and seamless, automated collaboration.

Having a set of tiered prices for staffing subscription obliges a client to have a duration-fixed relationship with their virtual assistant. This can either be good or bad depending on the needs and preferred structure of the client.

While they all guarantee quality services, one size doesn’t fit all. It’s always smart to assess your VA needs first before committing to virtual assistant companies.

Introducing a game-changer

Just like any other virtual assistant companies, HOPLA offers virtual assistant services focusing on the same objective. We believe in the positive contribution of remote working and smart task delegation to accomplish work at the right time. This enables a company to buy the success button in a more foreseeable future.

HOPLA offers full-time dedicated staff to be part of a client’s remote team. We’ve seen how freelancers and virtual assistant websites assign multiple clients to VAs which can lead to lack of focus on ongoing projects if not handled well. Not only that, we are keen on introducing the latest technology in the workplace to ensure efficient workflow.

In terms of pricing, HOPLA has the same structure as these best virtual assistant companies this year. You only get to pay the actual hours your virtual assistant worked while having access to tracking tools and project management software for monitoring progress.

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