In this digital economy, efficiency, convenience, and accessibility play a very important role when it comes to achieving a satisfying user experience. The use of online virtual desktop becomes a ready-made available option for organizations who want to maximize their resources with its countless benefits.

However, although virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers cutting-edge advantages, many are still hesitant to adopt this technology for their organization because of its complexities. How does VDI really work? What can it do to help a business prosper in this ever-competitive market? Let’s get to the nitty-gritty to find out the answer.

What is an online virtual desktop

Online virtual desktop, famously known as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), enables a team of workers (the users) to work on desktops and applications that run inside a centrally-hosted virtual machine that lives in either server or in the cloud. It helps to streamline management in an organization by centralizing the desktops whilst giving users the freedom to access the virtual desktops anytime, on any device, regardless of location.

How it works

Virtualization aims for efficiency and maximizing the use of physical resources while targeting cost reduction. Increased productivity is expected to come along with virtualization given the ease of accessibility that it promises.

VDI has two main components: the connection broker and the hypervisor. The connection broker enables a user to connect to an online desktop, while the hypervisor serves as the machine or software that creates and runs the virtual machine. The hypervisor is also called a virtual machine monitor (VMM).

VDI enables IT admins to build a group of virtual desktops (also called virtual desktop pools) that are hosted on identically configured virtual machines. These pools are usually created for a team with common needs.

For example, when a team of video editors who need to work on a single project requires the same apps and functionalities, the solution enables the IT admin to simplify the configuration. When a user starts accessing through the connection broker, it automatically assigns a session to an available online virtual desktop in the desktop pool.

The process may sound complex to non-tech savvy readers but everyone can be a “user”. Having a basic understanding of VDI structure and how it works will always be an advantage to everyone who’s vying for a position in an organization. VDI solutions companies offer assistance to organizations who are interested in having VDI deployment.

Why Businesses need it

VDI benefits organizations in various ways depending on the structure which is configured based on an organization’s needs. Here’s a rundown of general benefits of VDI.

  1. Streamlined cost. Computers, although smart, need humans to operate and maintain their system. That’s where our heroes-without-cape come in: the IT staff. The cost of IT labor has been increasing over the years along with the boom of the digital economy in the previous decade. The need for big data centers has been a concern, too. Its emergence can reduce IT operation costs by centralizing several systems to function for an organization.
  2. Accessibility and Flexibility. Its ultimate highlight is the ease of use it offers. The freedom to access a virtual desktop anywhere promotes the possibility of remote working for companies. Nobody needs to rush to the office when something needs to be done urgently. With VDI, “restriction” becomes non-existent.
  3. Security. This is always a concern when it comes to virtualization. Remember working on a traditional desktop where all files are stored in the device itself? In case of theft and other unfortunate events, the destruction of the device and its hardware also becomes the farewell of all your data. Virtual desktop infrastructures store your data in a remote data center or cloud storage with a high level of redundancy so data safety is not an issue.

The Future of Business

Online virtual desktop deployment initiates a huge change in the workplace.  Tech natives and businesses interested in VDI have proven that we are there yet. While still struggling for perfection, VDI’s promise to bring out the best business experience has been satisfied in the past years. The future is NOW. You are missing out a big deal if you’re not yet adopting VDI for your team.

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