At HOPLA, we fully understand the need for some personal help managing the little things. Your virtual personal assistant (VPA) is your biggest ally in unlocking the full potential of you and your business.

Get ready to unload all those daily tasks that clog your to-do list i.e. setting appointments, booking your flight and hotel, lead generation and social media management – all of these are essential, but are you the only one capable to do them?

No longer sweat the small stuff – leave that to your trusted Virtual Personal Assistant

Why hire a Virtual Personal Assistant with us?

Speaking of trust – it is of key importance that you can depend and rely on your partner. That is why when you hire a virtual assistant online, you want to make the right decision.

There are many virtual assistant websites out there. We distinguish ourselves from other virtual assistant services in several ways.

It is common practice for virtual assistant companies to assign multiple clients to their staff. Instead of direct communication with your virtual assistant, you deal with a project manager. You will just be one of the many clients on the list – Hardly that personal connection that builds trust.

One of the main reasons for the topnotch performance of our employees is that they are genuinely happy. All work is registered and managed through our advanced tools. This allows the freedom that so many of us crave for, while you, as the client, do not have to worry whether your virtual personal assistant is really working.

We have a different approach. HOPLA allow you to hire a virtual assistant that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Our recruitment team continuously pools and sources for new talent all over the world. More importantly, we utilize an arsenal of strategies to ensure that we find the perfect match in our ever-changing database to find the perfect candidate.

Let’s go over the possibilities!


There are only 24 hours in a day. Time is a limited and precious resource. What if we told you that you can do the equivalent of two days work in a single day? Imagine how much more you get done!

The secret is delegating administrative tasks, freeing you to spend more time on your core business. Any job that can be documented and explained to another person is suitable for your virtual assistant.

Go ahead and brainstorm which daily tasks you can assign to a personal aide. Better yet, contact us today and discuss the possibilities of a virtual assistant.


  • Manage your calendar & meeting
  • Book flights & accommodation for your business trips
  • Prepare work documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
  • Data entry tasks: inputting/transferring data and billing
  • Document meetings
  • Conduct product & market research

Sales and Lead Generation

Customers are the lifeline of your organization. Let’s face it – without a loyal customer base, a business is set to fail. Creating and maintaining a fan base is no easy task. It requires planning, hard work and, most of all, persistence.

The winning strategy is to set goals, make a roadmap and start delegating the daily grind to virtual assistants. Sales and lead generation is a continuous cycle of setting appointments, preparing proposals, calling prospects and tracking results.

The talented crew at HOPLA Online has experience with sales and lead generation. We are eager to help you out.

Sales and Lead generation

  • Leads generation
  • Cold-calling
  • Set appointments
  • Sales calls
  • Proposal preparation


Social Media

The vibrant world of social media is always brimming with life – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and, like New York City, is never asleep. Blink, and you will miss valuable information of and opinions from your audience.

According to Nielsen Research, 68% of the consumers are influenced by opinions posted on social media. Social media is not a place where you as a business want to get some shuteye.

We fully understand that you do not have the capability to scan your social media profiles every minute of the day and run the rest of your business at the same time. Instead of practicing to become an one-man band, recruit one or more virtual assistants to become your community manager!

Social Media

  • Manage website, FB group, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Monitor and engage with your audience in the relevant communities
  • Content moderation
  • Community management


E-commerce is set to make up 17% of all US sales by the year 2021. If you consider that a majority of our purchases are recurring, daily spends, such as groceries, and you realize that online sales is simply inevitable.

Web shops are a common phenomenon nowadays and there are various ways to set up your own. With the help of software such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, anyone can start an online business.

Maintaining and expanding an online shop requires discipline and constant attention. Your website has to reflect your available stock. Discontinued products and services have to be removed from the site. New products have to be added to the site. Images and descriptions have to be uploaded to the database.

A virtual assistant is a great boon for any e-commerce business. Check out the full scope of what an assistant from HOPLA Online can do for you to improve your success on the web


  • Collect data about new products
  • Prepare spreadsheets with new products to upload
  • Prepare photos for the website
  • Product analysis & comparisons
  • Competitor analysis & comparisons


At HOPLA, we take great care in creating teams and a company culture where everyone – from top to bottom – communicates and works to provide the best possible experiences for our clients, together.

Our sophisticated virtual assistant technology allows our staff to work remotely and greatly improve their efficiency while working from home.

Virtual assistants at HOPLA are talented, flexible and eager to learn new things. More often an assistant becomes a best buddy and a right-hand man or woman.

Over time, you can consider handing managerial tasks and team lead roles to your virtual assistant to give you even more peace of mind. You don’t need to contact all team members to check how the work is going, you’ll have a central point, to whom all the information goes.

Benefit today from loyal, experienced staff that is tailored to your needs. Our assistants are waiting for you to extend their knowledge and help you in managing your project.


  • Team manager roles
  • Project manager roles
  • Business & process analyst manager roles