Data entry online seems like an easy job. That’s true in some ways. When it comes to choosing a remote data entry online specialist, a company would often not bother checking the applicant’s credentials and resume. As long as a candidate can do the job at a given due time, the job can be easily assigned to whoever is willing to do it.

However, with businesses transitioning to digital, online data entry is not as easy as it sounds these days. The most basic qualification you would need from data entry online specialist is his/her computer skills. Unless you have the time and the energy to train a willing-to-learn rookie, finding an online data entry specialist should demand skills and qualifications more than encoding.

Data entry requires more than just encoding

The mantra that “content is king” has paved the way to never-ending production of content across all industries. A data entry online specialist should be familiar with all kinds of content as well as the grasp of varying format. Above-level proficiency in MS Office, Google Suite, HTML, Mobi, PDF, ePub, and other types of word processors should be as well considered when looking for a data entry online assistant.

More than that, data entry online specialist is also expected to acquire the latest knowledge on the most common software and tools used for encoding, transcribing, and processing data into the database.

With countless freelancers and independent contractors taking data entry online jobs, it’s hard to specify who among them possesses the required amount of knowledge, familiarity, experience, and swift online data entry technique that works best for every kind of client. HOPLA got your back and we’re excited to share what we do and how we do remote data entry best.

HOPLA-way of doing data entry online

Working with experts who have years of experience in global outsourcing helps HOPLA understand the needs of clients and extending efforts to exceed their expectations by a unique way of managing and training a team of remote data entry workers.

  • Understanding the work remote data entry specialists do. Business leaders tend to focus on the BIG picture, but that doesn’t mean that small details should be disregarded. Our data entry online specialists take care of the nitty-gritty and make sure nothing comes short of the simplest details.
  • Smart automation. HOPLA uses automation tools to fast-track data entry process. Time is money, and that speaks truly as our data entry online specialists believe productivity is the ladder to success.
  • Managed outsourcing and training. HOPLA assigns a competitive project manager who oversees a team of remote data entry specialists to ensure they deliver quality output on time.
  • Considering client feedback. We take into consideration our clients’ feedback and make sure to hear all their recommendations. Majority of them expressed their awe with our improved management process and collaboration tools. Prioritizing client satisfaction has always been the goal and HOPLA makes sure to come up with new ideas taken from clients’ valuable sentiments.

HOPLA hires dedicated data entry specialists

With a long list of applicants vying for a remote position at HOPLA, we make sure to qualify only the best with a high level of expertise in necessary tools a specific business to function. From filtering applicants based on previous experience to a series video call interviews, HOPLA management makes sure that we hire data entry specialists who are equipped with the right tools and equipment to carry out a task with no border.

Interested to know more how it works? Call us today to start your ladder to success.