Remote content jobs are among the most in-demand positions in the outsourcing market today. Content remains king in the online world, particularly in digital marketing. Ultimately, text in a page or a website is what pins a viewer to the site, keeping them there to read. Remote writing jobs have increased recently in the market for remote jobs, and it’s for a good reason.

The Power of Content

The online audience indeed continues to consume visual media rapidly. Visual disruption has been a critical goal for marketers online. That is one of the reasons that remote graphic design jobs or web design have boomed as well. In spite of this, content is what truly keeps an audience on the page. If what they are seeing and reading on the page is relevant to their needs and interests, they are likely to continue reading. Furthermore, they could be returning visitors to see if there is any more information that they like.

Writers and Remote Content Jobs

Content in itself is part of a brand’s identity. Finding the right candidates for remote writing jobs requires some careful planning. First, the candidate must be someone who understands your brand identity. Secondly, as it’s a remote job, it needs someone who takes that understanding and can produce content without constant supervision. Finally, the position requires someone who can make that brand-compliant content translate well with customers.

The Need-to-Know:

  • Seek out their skills. Some writers are skilled in technical writing, which discusses more formal and intricate concepts such as programming languages or sophisticated technologies. Others are better at story-driven content, designed to appeal to the reader. It’s just a matter of determining if a particular writer’s skillset is a fit for the remote content jobs that they would like to fill.
  • Knowledge of SEO. Many remote marketing jobs have put SEO knowledge as an advantage for some applicants. This knowledge is most relevant for remote writing jobs. SEO optimization is one of the fundamental driving forces to get your content read by your target audience. If a writer knows how to apply SEO techniques to their writing, without having to be overly trained, they’ll be able to employ the right methods correctly.
  • Analyze their experience. Similar to the first two, the writer’s experience will be significant. Have they worked in a related field? Have they experienced writing about the subject before? And finally, if they have not, will it be something they can quickly adapt to and understand?
  • Drive and motivation. These qualities are something particularly important for remote content jobs. A writer with the right drive and motivation won’t need constant supervision. There is no need to hound them over deadlines; they will be responsible enough to meet them. Finally, if they are motivated to learn, they will adapt far more quickly than others.
  • Give them a test. As the adage goes, “trust but verify.” Remote writing jobs take a lot of faith in that the writer will be able to deliver as promised. Give the candidates a simple test to determine their skill, their knowledge, and ability to meet deadlines. Writing portfolios and samples are some of what can be looked over. However, put on the spot, they will reveal their best strengths and their weaknesses.

Writing as a Tool for Success

Ultimately, a weapon is only as good as the person who wields it. Remote content jobs in the market today are inundated with applicants. However, it’s up to the company to find a true wordsmith among them that can give them the most appropriate content for their brand. The content presents them to the world. It is what customers will read, relate to, and perceive about the company. Thus, the writer must be someone who can truly bring the company’s best face forward to its audience.

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