Community moderator jobs spark widespread debate in online communities due to the idea of manipulating and curtailing speech freedom. In this age of social media, how do you strike a balance between community moderation and freedom of speech online? Do website moderator jobs limit free speech more than nurture the online community?

Contemporary Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei said, “Without freedom of speech, there is no modern world, just a barbaric one”. This rings true in our world today–being defined by social media, feeds, comment threads, and online forums.

However, being able to “say what you want to say” and the enticing concept of being heard under a veil of anonymity has become prevalent. The internet has transformed from being a channel for information dissemination to a battlefield of fake news and disputes. This gave birth to community moderator jobs that provide the much-needed regulation of free speech in the virtual environment.

More than designing an engaging website, businesses are making moves to improve their community guidelines and enhance their website’s content by automating the regulation of comments with algorithms; but even with the expediency of technological advancement, it still cannot surpass the rational judgment exercised by community moderators who can discern between free speech and offensive discourse.

The rise of content moderation

In the early days of the internet, very little thought was given to regulating comments or posts on social media.  This because many saw the web as a source of information and an avenue for self-expression. Expressing political views, social advocacies, and opinions has never been easier with liberties that the internet offers. But part of exercising free speech comes responsible use. Content moderation thrives when freedom of speech is exploited and community moderator jobs ensure that discussion threads are running smoothly while providing users with a positive website experience.


Community moderator jobs nurture online communities

Community moderator jobs do not only mean ensuring healthy website traffic or deleting and blocking offensive posts. Moderators provide businesses with fingers on the pulse of their community. More so, they keep a keen eye on online community trends for the latest updates. Community managers effectively cultivate relationships with users while upholding community standards to maintain a sense of order in the virtual environment.

Setting and implementing community standards is an integral part of a community moderator’s job to curb harassment and abuse. If we look at it closely, it is less about censoring inappropriate content, and more of ensuring safe content among diverse conversations. Community managers keep a close eye on discussions to determine content that can be distributed to the greater community.

Regulating freedom of speech online

Sacrificing human judgment in favor of technology has become risky. This makes community moderator jobs in demand. Leaving website moderation to artificial intelligence is not enough to ensure properly curated content.

An example of this is the controversial Elsagate, where Youtube’s AI moderation classified inappropriate content featuring cartoon characters as child-friendly. While technological advancement is good, community moderator jobs are still necessary to strictly enforce guidelines. Following terms of use and filtering appropriate content for target audiences follows. Automated filters can only do so much. Content moderation gauges the quality and safety of online content the way technology can’t. Community manager jobs drive this engagement and encourage best practices in sharing ideas on the web.

We become more engaged in reading and posting opinions online as internet communication becomes more integrated into our daily lives. If the growing concern that moderation may restrain free speech keeps you up at night, our content moderator at HOPLA can prove you wrong. Community moderator jobs put regulation and freedom of speech on an even keel. End-users can continuously enjoy the depth and breadth of open conversations with the help of community moderator jobs.

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