You have finally set up your Facebook Business Page. Surely, you’re excited to see how it can expand your market base. Facebook remains the number one social media network, with more than two billion users (and still rising). But after a couple of days of posting a few photos from your last event, you realize you need to do more. Meanwhile, feedback is trickling in from members who have liked your page. You want to answer them correctly to engage them — but how do you start?  That’s when you realize that Facebook content moderation is a very effective digital marketing tool that can make your business grow.

Here are smart tips from expert content moderators, showing you how you can make your Facebook Page work for your business. You and your Fans — your customers — can build relationships, while having a lot of fun, too!

Protecting your Community with Facebook Content Moderation Tools

First, set the guidelines clearly but politely. A Facebook moderator does not want to turn away potential Fans and lifelong customers away. But at the same time, he or she must manage expectations. It is a professional way of letting anyone who visits your page understand and accept its professional etiquette. Generally, content moderation discourages (if not prohibits) profanity, slander, obscenity, and hate speech. It protects the community members and business owners from potential lawsuits or bad public relations that can hurt your business.

From the time you put up your page, these rules have to be in place. The users have to know where to find them.  They must accept them once they start browsing your page, and especially when they become part of your community.

Second, one tool that can make content moderation easier and more stress-free is the Facebook filter. The Moderation Blocklist is a Facebook Page functionality welcomed by Facebook admin. Enter words that you do not want to be posted on your Wall (like curses and racist remarks). The Moderation Blocklist automatically spots them on any post. It then marks the post as spam and sends it to the Hidden Post category. No one can see this potentially inflammatory post except the administrator (or you). You decide then whether to post or delete it.

Context Over Content

Removing a positive post without checking it would have cost you a very positive testimonial that could have been shared.

While the Moderation Blocklist is useful, avoid the temptation to use it to automatically censor content. Effective and engaging Facebook content moderation will always consider the context of the post. While slurs and insults should not be allowed, the mention of a competitor should not automatically mark the post as spam. For example, what if that post was actually praising your brand over your rival? Removing that post without checking it would have cost you a very positive testimonial that could have been shared.

Third, do not be afraid to use the Remove Post feature. Your job role must include checking your Wall every day. Delete those that do not conform to your standards. Some of these posts might be negative, disrespectful of others, potentially libelous — without using the offensive words in your moderation blocklist. Do not feel guilty about removing them. Remember that you do not intend censorship. Instead, you are a gracious host who wants everyone to feel welcome while building meaningful relationships in your communities.

Building Communities

Finally, engage with your Fans especially if they are increasing. It is not just about getting hundreds of people to like your product and your page (although that would be great). It means building long-lasting relationships with individuals who can become your loyal market base of clients. It all starts with a conversation that can lead to entire threads. These Fans do want to communicate and interact with you. They want to know more about your brand and what you have to offer. If they have questions, they do expect you or the Facebook admin to answer them.

It can be an exciting journey to build your fan base. We in HOPLA have a talent pool of experienced content moderators who use Content Moderation Tools like pros to build your brand. If you would like to know more, call us!