It’s safe to say that most companies these days do a remote data entry job. No piece of information can be dismissed, and collecting and categorizing them just might lead to insights that can bring about business success. Outsourcing to a third party such as to a managed outsource provider like HOPLA is also becoming trendy because it prevents the business owner from investing time. It saves him from horrendous expenses and gets only trained experts in the field. This, in turn, gives him the opportunity to do what he loves the most:  improving his company, widening his market, and increasing his sales. The beauty with HOPLA though is that even when you choose to outsource these employees, you still get the final say on who will join your team. It is then handy for you to understand the traits that your eventual hire should not and never be.

Look out for remote data entry job’s no-no traits

If any of the remote data entry job employee’s NO-NO traits show up during the interview, then think twice before working with that person. Chances are none of them will admit to showing these qualities during screening. That’s why it would be helpful to do behavioral interviews which expose what they actually do on the job — as opposed to just asking them what they think about their responsibilities.

The D.O.N.T’s

There are four flaws and undesirable habits that you should immediately spot during the interview. In case you have already found one, you should spot these traits during the early stages of the probationary period to keep away from these less than desirable remote data entry job professionals. All you have to is think D.O.N.T.

  • Disregard data accuracy and security. Disregarding data privacy, in all its forms,  is a no-no. The main responsibility of these professionals is to accurately and meticulously input all the data that they’ve collected into a database. Data can take the form of words, text, numbers, statistics and even formulas. It is sometimes found on online word documents, printed publications, or scanned images of actual records. The data must be pure and untouched before it is even typed into the computer. If any document is handled with no care, it will affect the quality of the data being collected, resulting in a massive error that can affect a company’s decision-making. As a matter of rule, those who do data entry jobs from home should preserve and protect data.
  • Overlook the small details.  Remote data entry job workers have to make sure that the data they copy is accurate to the detail. They are not at liberty to edit or modify what they read or see. Anything less would violate the integrity of the material. As such they have to look at every piece of information they collect with a fine tooth comb, or with laser eyes. They can’t miss the finer points of contracts, the obscure hard-to-understand adjectives that can break a contract or even an inserted word or number that can affect the meaning of an entire document.
  • Neglect policies and rules of compliance. They are not robots, either. They may record what they read in painstaking detail, but they do so with an informed mind. What they transcribe or jot down has to be in compliance with the company or business owner’s current policy. How they collect and migrate the data has also to fulfill the laws on data that are issued and implemented by the government or industry associations. An effective and dutiful remote data entry professional understands the value of compliance.
  • Trouble with privacy and confidentiality. Finally, they must be people you can trust with your life with, literally. These days, your well-being, physical and financial, is linked to the level of privacy that your data enjoys. Hackers who can steal your medical records, driver’s license information, bank account data, and social security number can sell them on the virtual black market for thousands of dollars. Once you’re compromised, the buyer of your information can use them to obtain government loans or buy a car while you pay. That’s why remote data entry job workers must be trained to protect and to never divulge any kind of information, no matter how seemingly trivial. They understand that privacy, security, and data integrity are as precious as gold in the digital age.

D.O.N.T.  Remember this word when you start working with data entry workers. Better yet, give us a call so we can give you a safe, privacy-guaranteed guide into choosing the best remote data entry staff for your organization.