In many ways, web moderator jobs are underestimated by both the people who apply and hire for them. The premise of content moderation and web moderation is simple enough. Moderators are hired to supervise the quality of posts and comments that go up on a specific platform or website.

Everything in Moderation

Moderator jobs, as the name suggests, may require a lot of tasks that have to do with overseeing posts. The role may involve watching videos to see if they remain within terms and conditions of use. Also, moderators may be hired to reply to comments and questions by customers. Finally, they may be asked to maintain a brand’s image online. To put it, moderators are the filter that ensures that everything on the platform is in order. However, the concept of their job only appears easy. In truth, web moderator jobs have aspects to it that people may not have considered before.

Not everything, or everyone, on the internet, will be friendly. As most internet users know, social media and comment sections of websites are a hotbed of conflicting opinions. Commenters with opposing viewpoints often get into arguments. Soon, it becomes toxic, and trouble brews when it turns into personal attacks. It is then up to the moderators to ensure that this toxic environment does not go further.

Web Moderator Jobs are just that: A Job

The act of content moderation itself can be a challenge. For once, users often see their actions as restrictive to free speech. Frequently, users butt heads with moderators. Users tend to disagree with the moderators blocking them from speaking their minds. But similarly, other users will also complain if harmful speech is not taken down fast enough, or deleted. Dr. Jennifer Beckett of the University of Melbourne says that, as a moderator, she has received online abuse herself for not acting quickly enough.

It is therefore essential to remember that the people behind content moderation are human themselves. What they do is not personal; they are merely enforcing the rules of the platform according to the company’s regulations. Dr. Beckett adds that most of the time, moderators are highly unlikely to have targeted anyone’s free speech in particular; they are merely following instructions. Finally, their aim is simple: they ensure that the platform can be made safe and trouble-free for everyone.

Moderators are the Internet’s Cleanup Crew

Communities, especially creative ones (think Instagram, Youtube, and other social media sites), are one of the best ways for a brand to boost itself. In addition, forming a community (such as in a Facebook or Twitter page) can establish a stronger bond between a brand and its consumers. These benefits make web moderator jobs even more critical. It is up to the moderators to curate the content that comes from their community of supporters.

If there happens to be any inappropriate comments or images posted onto the platform, it is up to the moderator to remove them. According to Professor Sarah T. Roberts of UCLA, who did studies on online content moderation, moderators view all sorts of material that users flag on the platform. These materials range from something innocuous to something terribly graphic. It is important to remember that they need to be individuals with significant mental strength. Otherwise, the moderator would not be able to handle seeing unsavory images and deal with toxic content every day.

Helping Moderators Keep the Communities Safe

Ultimately, they are the individuals who review the content whenever a user hits the “report” link or button in a community. Moderators also work closely with the community members as they are the ones who see first-hand how they feel, react, and respond. Moderators in thriving online communities are well-respected. The members recognize that the moderators are the vanguards of the community, keeping it from devolving into the downward spiral that the internet sometimes causes platforms to become.

To aid people in web moderator jobs, companies have started to offer better conditions. Companies have offered to raise their pay and adjusting the amount of content from either end of the spectrum that moderators view. Finally, the members themselves are making an effort to keep a wholesome community, mindful of one another’s opinions, and ideals. Steps like these open the door to better conversations and a lot fewer things for the moderators to clean up.

Having the right web moderation team is the start of building a thriving online community of loyal consumers and members for a company. Getting the right moderator for the job, with the strength of mind and a sense of responsibility, could make huge leaps for a company. Learn more about online content moderation at Hopla Online.