Customer support service outsourcing has greatly contributed not only businesses but also the economy as a whole. Besides saving on costs, it has improved company culture with lowering levels of stress in the workplace and upgrading the skills of people by working on core business areas.

The drastic growth of customer service outsourcing in specific countries in Asia like the Philippines and India is obvious proof of its advantages. Here are the top business sectors that benefit the most from this service.


E-commerce has changed the way we do business. Online shops and websites usually start small and run by a small team. The power of social media has contributed a great deal to the increase of reach, sales and other forms of KPI. This also helps in almost simultaneous feedback from customers based not only on products purchased but also on products displayed on the site. One negative review can ruin everything. That’s where customer service outsourcing comes to picture.

Negative feedback can be a real crisis if not handled well. You know you’ve got the best of customer support when you have an agent who sees the opportunity to leverage your brand by dealing with this unfavorable feedback so make sure you find a good one.


The world we live in is ever-connected despite location thanks to Telecom companies. We’ve witnessed the massive growth of telecom subscribers over the past decades and would probably blow up in the years to come. No matter the excellence of your service, there will always be customers who will be looking for something that’s beyond the services a telecom company offers. Online client support can cater to these instances and make the best effort to control the situation before it explodes and besmirch your brand.

Internet providers

Only a small number of businesses do not require the use of the internet, but its employees surely need an access from time to time. And when the service is below good, internet provider companies need to provide the necessary assistance to all its customers before they get frustrated due to interrupted service and other possible motivation for a crisis.

Outsourced call center services can also excellently handle clients’ problems on their current subscription plans, new product offers inquiry, plan packages, and more.

Hospitality Management

Travel and leisure are constantly on the rise. More and more people travel just for the sake of traveling and the hospitality industry thrives to provide expert customer service to potential and returning clients. More and more, the competition will not rely on aesthetics and onsite services but on the way a hotel handles customers from inquiry to check in and check out. Call center outsourcing to make it possible for hotels to bring the best service while leaving the customer service to the experts.

Banking & Finance

On our way to the cashless economy, more and more people are swiping their cards for both online and offline shopping. Banks and other financial institutions worldwide benefit the most when it comes to remote technical support service starting from bringing a new client to maintaining an existing one. While money is a sensitive matter, call center outsourcing companies have rolled out the right security measures that ensure both parties safe and smooth money transactions.

Customer support service outsourcing genius

HOPLA believes that getting the right people to work on your business is crucial and that’s why we’re here to extend assistance with pure expertise. We will expose you to the hidden costs of outsourcing and will lead you the right way to avoid them. By building a remote team of customer care specialists, we save you from the cost of an onsite call center services company that comes with overhead costs.

Our team is managed by outsourcing experts with decades of experience and we make sure we bring the best out of our customers with a calculated formula to attain success. Curious how it works? Call us today so we can work on your first steps!