Customer satisfaction is always a top priority. But when we are incapable of responding to their concerns, especially those that need a prompt response, the satisfaction curve might not look favorable. Putting your business out there is one thing, taking care of your customers is another. Implementing a managed live chat support for your online store could be the next best move for your business.

Customers expectations are constantly growing. Gone are the days when email is the only way for your customers to reach you. To be honest, opening an email can be dreading, more so on non-working days. Aside from the fact that it is flooded with unwanted newsletters you can’t remember you subscribed to, email gives the horror of not receiving an urgent response from people on the other side. Don’t give your customers these undesirable feelings when reaching out to you.

Managed live chat support changes customer service

Managed live chat support has changed the way customer service works for businesses.  Imagine a customer in the middle of decision-making of purchasing your products and suddenly get curious about the materials used and other specifications. A delayed reply can affect their purchasing decision and can eventually impact your sales.

Moreover, several research studies state that the use of live chat support services for business largely contributed to increased revenue. It primarily manifests in the decrease in phone call purchases and an increase in website traffic which presumably leads to conversion and client retention.

Practical tips to implement a managed live chat support

Millennials, which makes up a huge percentage of the world’s most active consumers in this era, values convenience over anything else. It’s time to focus on them and providing a seamless customer experience which includes prompt live chat support service to assist them in every step of their buying stage.

Here are a few more tips on how managed live chat services can do big magic for your online store.

  1. Real-time communication. This is a no-brainer. You were a customer first before a business owner and you surely know what a customer wants. It can be frustrating for a buying customer to receive answers to your queries a day after you send your queries. Getting a quick response will generate customer satisfaction which leads to customer loyalty. It’s a plus if your managed live chat support agent has a strong persuading ability to push a customer to purchase your products without thinking twice.
  2. Round-the-clock accessibility for your customers. Your online store’s purpose is to cater to your customer 24/7/365. It also serves as an open catalog for potential customers who are looking up to find your products or services. Having a team of distributed managed live chat support agents across various locations enables your business to operate all the time and respond to your customers in a snap of your fingers.
  3. Access to client feedback. Sometimes, people don’t need to ask something to send you a message. Managed live chat support also serves as a medium for your clients to express how they like (or not) your products. Collective feedback can be beneficial for future planning and strategizing your next marketing campaigns.
  4. Customer support and lead generation in one. More than customer service, managed live chat support can double as a lead generation tool. You can get the name and details of a customer who once visited the live chat window and put their details into the right segments for future email marketing campaigns.
  5. Establish stronger customer relations. Customer satisfaction is of great importance and the key will always lead to superb customer service. Managed live chat support can be a solid platform to establish and strengthen your relationship with your clientele. Communication style is up to you or your managed live chat support agent–can be casual but friendly–as long as it remains professional.

Cost-effective solution right at your fingertips

The cost of acquiring a call center service support is no secret. Though expensive, it can seriously upgrade your business. However, those looking for a more affordable option can take managed live chat support service that delivers the same high-quality results. Managed live chat services are the new pillars of customer happiness departments minus the intimidating cost of call center outsourcing.

In addition, acknowledge the fact that your market is online and it’s your responsibility to meet them halfway by being always available on the platforms they dedicate their time the most. If you’re thinking of bringing your customer service process to level up, HOPLA can help you jumpstart from where you are. Free, no-obligation consultation up for you so hit us up today at