There is no doubt that we are living in a world of technological advancements and the digital revolution. With the presence of the internet, people continue to create newer medium to make communication faster- connecting people despite geographical restrictions. The internet also changed the way people work, and do businesses. Social media platforms and different company websites became a medium to promote services and recruit people. Despite this availability and accessibility, people still crave for human interaction. The reason why companies continue to provide online support chat to help you with your inquiries. However, not all companies are able to provide real-time response to their customers’ inquiry which paved way for live chat support outsourcing industry to boost within just a short period of time.

Live Chat Service

As years pass by, technology continues to change the way things are done. This is most evident in the business sector. The rise of digital marketing changed the way businesses promote their services and the way they connect to their consumers. However, things do not always run smoothly even with all the advertising opportunities around. This is the main reason why business owners continue to adapt to newer strategies to attract customers. From video marketing to social-driven contents, business owners find what will increase their traffic and conversions. One of the most effective ways they found is by putting a live chat service on their company’s website.

Live chat service is not something that just popped in the scene in the recent years. You have seen it and perhaps experienced it already. It is that small chat box at the bottom of each page or the chat box that pops out whenever you go to a website asking what they can do for you. This chat box has already proven itself to be an important component in an e-commerce strategy by providing an effective way of connecting to the customers. Through live chats, business owners will be able to provide their customers with a more personalized experience or help in real time. Keep in mind that in the end, if customers were able to get a personalized response from you, they will automatically be biased towards you.

HOPLA is a live chat support outsourcing company which offers you a varied range of live chats that would best suit your needs as a company. With trained individuals in our team, we will be able to provide you with a program that would lead to a positive impact in your end.

Boost Conversion Rates through Live Chat Support Outsourcing

Every entrepreneur pours his heart out to make his business boom. He meticulously creates new products and services which he persistently markets. He attracts a lot of traffic, only to find out that in the end, he only has a few customers to avail of his offer. What a heartbreaking sight to imagine, isn’t it?

Believe it or not, that happens to every business often. There you are getting a lot of traffic, receiving a lot of e-mail inquiries without getting the assurance of them availing your products and services.  There you are, thinking that everything is going well, only to find out that conversion rate is far-fetched.

However, thanks to the internet and technological revolution, there is now a way to track how your possible customers behave, a way to assist them and create a more personalized connection with them. This is through online support chat, where your possible customers get a real-time help and response which helps them decide to avail your services.

So below are ways to boost your conversation rates through online support chat

Agent Availability

One of the ways to generate leads and increase conversion rates is the availability of your agents. Having available agents addresses the prime reasons why live chats are created. They should be available to answer an inquiry, assist your customer in whatever ways possible at any time of the day. Thus, you have to make sure that your online support chat team is readily available.

Hopla is a live chat support outsourcing company that houses online support chat agents readily available to answer your queries at any time of the day. With our pool of talented individuals, we will be able to help you provide a good online chat support experience that would help boost your conversion rate.

Quick Response

73% of US online adults say that valuaing their time is the most important thing a company do to provide them with good online customer service.

-Kate Legget, Principal Analyst

Most of the time, customers do not call you for your support, but they contact you to get an accurate answer to their inquiry. Therefore, being able to quickly give them an accurate, relevant and exact answer to their inquiry will help increase the conversion rate of your website. Likewise, a real-time response will make them feel valued as customers. Not only will this create a long-lasting relationship between the business and the customer but also increase your company’s prestige.

At Hopla, we acknowledge that every second is important. Thus, we make sure to maintain a 30-second response time to assist and answer your inquiries. With a pool of people from different time zones, we deliver online support chat to assist your customer at any time of the day.

Give Importance to Customers

“Truly listening is hearing the needs of the customer, understanding those needs and making sure the company recognizes the opportunities they present.” – Frank Eliason, Global Director of Client Experience Team at Citi

Another way to increase the conversion rate of your website is to give importance to your customers. Positive psychology gives us a ratio of 3:1. Whereas, you would need 3 positive experiences to overpower one negative experience. This also applies to online chat support.

Customers interact with support teams to get the answer that they are looking for. Thus, it is crucial that you will provide them with the best treatment you can offer. You shall now give an automatic, system generated response. This will just make your conversion rate lower. Rather, give them a more personalized conversation. By doing so, you are helping your customer gain confidence and make the decision to purchase your services.

Hopla is a live chat support outsourcing company that believes that customer deserves the best treatment possible. With our pool of people trained to listen to the needs of your customers, they will be able to build a good rapport to help build your conversion rate.

Online Chat Support: Not my Forte

Not all companies can afford to create their own pool of online support chat team. This paved the way for Live Chat Support Outsourcing Industry to rise in just a short period of time. Likewise, with your website becoming more and more accessible to the world, it starts to attract different customers from different parts of the world. With this being said, the demand to be able to respond to their inquiries real time has gone up as the years pass by. In no time, more and more companies started to become live chat services providers- hiring and training people who work from home to be part of an online chat support team.

Hopla, being one, has a pool of home-based chat support team that will help you answer the demands of your possible customers. With our dedicated pool of Online Chat Support team, we will help you increase your conversion rate to the best of our ability. SO what are you waiting for? Give us a call and experience the best chat support to boost your conversion rate.