In the past decade, there has been a distinct exponential rise in YouTube and its usage. It has since prompted the need for a YouTube moderator job. This is what you typically call someone able to oversee the daily performance of a brand or major personality’s Youtube account. Some online moderator jobs aren’t constrained to just overseeing Youtube accounts either. Many get hired to oversee major social media platforms. These individuals act as the virtual watchtowers of the different social media accounts. They manage the content that goes up into each platform; engage with customers and more.

Why online content moderator jobs are essential

Present-day and advanced marketing methodologies often utilize the power of social media. A company or brand’s website may have a lot of content, but that content doesn’t get reach the audience without the right digital marketing. And for the most part, social media is where the content gets broadcast. This often requires brands or companies to have accounts in multiple platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube—a company needs to have it all to reach their audience these days. Youtube is a major platform, making a Youtube moderator job essential.

They are overseeing social media platform spaces. Their job includes making sure that the content is released in a timely manner, managing comments, and interacting through responses. They also make sure that a company’s online presence in these platforms remains on point. It’s not easy: many content moderators find themselves burning out rather quickly. One reason could be due to waves of toxic complaints they have to face daily. It could also be due to graphic imagery they encounter online. The latter is one of the major concerns with online moderating, particularly with Youtube. Regardless, the perks outweigh the risks.

What a battle-ready Youtube moderator job entails

As a social media platform, Youtube can be an intense battleground—just ask the content creators on it. The trends rise and fall rapidly every day. The mood of the audience on it is also ever-changing. Youtube’s in-house moderators do their level best to make sure everything stays clean. Some information states that AI does a lot of the cleanup work on Youtube because the platform is so big. But human moderators are still the best bet in sifting through the mess.

They know what’s happening in the real world and how to avoid a fallout

A Youtube moderator would have to have a firm grip on the day’s trends on the platform itself. They need to be well-versed on current events. This way, they’re not taken by surprise if something that affects their brand or company takes place. They will be well-prepared to handle any comments or criticisms in the comment section. In addition, they can stop videos from being posted that would be deemed insensitive.

They can identify posts to eliminate toxicity

We already know that a Youtube moderator job means having to face the often toxic comment sections. It’s up to them to eliminate spam, hateful speech, trolls, and more based on a platform’s standard community rules. If there is an incident that takes place affecting the brand, they will be able to curb image damage. By removing the most grotesque of the comments, it lessens the appearance of damage to the company’s brand image. Content moderation also lessens the proliferation of potentially malicious spam posts.

Youtube moderators can respond on the brand’s behalf

Engagement and subscriber loyalty grows when it’s obvious that the brand is connecting with its customers. A content moderator could respond to comments on the company’s behalf if needed. They can put out fires of upset customers. They can even provide clarifications and explanations. Most of all, they need to take down videos met with negative responses. Further, they can take the video down quickly before it further damages the brand.

Content moderation is not easy. It’s one of the toughest jobs on the internet. But it’s for a good reason: an excellent moderator can keep platforms running smoothly. It keeps the social channels free of toxicity. And at the same time, they protect the brand from negative issues to maintain its image.

More than just Youtube moderator jobs, online moderator jobs are vital to any brand maintaining an online presence in social media. Let HOPLA show you how many benefits hiring one may bring you, and read more about content moderation in our blog section.