Acquiring an effective outsource customer support for startups is a no-brainer. A well-managed customer service can increase client retention; this is enough reason for businesses to outsource customer support agents to cater to their growing client base. Aside from quality performance provided by outsourced customer support, effectiveness and efficiency are also measured through productivity, availability, cost reduction, and most importantly, conversion.

Startups are known for having fresh, innovative ideas, not to mention that they are great risk-takers. But they have a fair share of limitations, too. That includes budget constraints, inconsistent progress, and the lack of having a dedicated customer support. As the business grows, which is obviously a good thing, a startup has to keep up and invest in a trusty customer support agent to help them sustain the clients’ demands.

Why Outsource Customer Support

Outsource customer service agents has always been an option for startups. Being budget conscious, these risk-takers know the benefits of getting a skilled customer support representative that goes beyond saving on costs and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Here are more convincing reasons why startups should outsource customer support for their growing business.

Improved Cost. This is the most essential reason for startups to outsource customer support. Instead of building their own inbound call center, they can invest more of their assets to other core areas of their business. With an outsourced customer support, startups can get rid of expensive training and equipment costs as well as other expenses that come with hiring an in-house staff member. Most outsourced customer support employees are paid per-performance or per-hour basis.
Flexibility of Scaling Up-and-Down. There’s a high tendency for startups to go up and down as they are working on their most effective approach to winning success. Outsourcing companies understand this situation and have the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of every business their deal with. More so, some business especially the ones who have immense demands during peak seasons, can use customer service outsourcing to assist them in short-term campaigns or whenever necessary.
Availability. Customers hate waiting. Technology has improved the experience of buyers and businesses which also caused the increasing demand in real-time response to clients’ concerns and feedback. Some customers prefer calling customer support for an immediate response while others are comfortable talking via live chat. The preferences vary but there’s one thing in common: an outsourced customer support can help respond any time of day to your customers because they are not confined in a 9-5 office workplace. That’s a win for both the business and the client.
Expertise. Being average has no place in a hypercompetitive market. Imagine an untrained outsource customer support agent who has qualms when dealing with your clients. That’s a big no-no! With an outsourced customer support team, you can rely on their skilled expertise in your business and can give exception advice to your customers regarding your products.
Sophisticated Growth. Through analytics and reporting, startups can strategize their next move based on data presented. Live chat tools usually come with reporting features which make data analysis more convenient. How about calls? Outsources customer support agents are humans and they have a better understanding of the clients. Sentiments they get from frequent customer calls can be recorded and utilized to a business’ products and services. When startups get the hand of it, immense growth is expected to come sooner than expected.

Why not AI?

The AI generation has been implying that in the next coming years, we won’t be needing humans to man our business, or at least the customer service department. And while that “coming years” is yet to come, you need to rely on a live human as of the moment who can sympathize with your customers’ preferences, feelings, and demands. As of the moment, bots don’t know how to read emotions and reciprocate it to supply humanly needs.

Though ditching the idea of AI changing humans in the workplace is not an option, we are open to the idea of merging the power of bots and humans as partners in assisting businesses to grow through a well-structured strategy. For instance, a bot can carry over a task when a human is at rest. The human can attend to specific concerns that need the human touch and/or intellect at his most convenient time. When managed correctly, this could be a great asset to a business, especially to startups with a small team who are struggling to achieve results in a short period of time.

Dedicated Customer Service Outsourcing

Startups have to work hard in the first few months of their operation, hence the hustle. Giving clients a WOW experience is not impossible. Clients always want new and that’s a good opportunity for industry newbies to prove their worth to the market. Getting loyal customers is a different story. Excellent customer service will be a great tool to equip your clients a pleasant experience that will make them want to come back.

But where do you get a dedicated customer service agent?

HOPLA is an expert in helping businesses achieve their full potential through dedicated outsourcing services. We offer call center outsourcing services for business of all sizes. Regardless of your place in the marketing funnel, we are stoked to help you build a community of loyal clients that patronize not only your products but also your brand! We also capitalize on the collaboration of AI and human resources for automation and presentations, enhancements of data security, templates, website maintenance and support. We believe in the power of human and bot collaboration.

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