Data entry management is vital to all types of businesses- big and small. In fact, local and domestic companies are starting to outsource data entry jobs online to increase their efficiency. This makes online data entry jobs one of the most in-demand positions in a freelancer’s world. But, how do you attain a data entry work from home? Do you have the set skills that hiring managers are looking for? Why not read along and learn how to spice up your game.

Data Entry Jobs Online

With the creation of the internet, the world has turned digital. Thus, the job of assuring accuracy in data interpretation plays a vital role in today’s business industry. This is because data is used by different businesses in making critical decisions.

That being said, the job of a data entry operator is not an easy task. They enter huge chunks of data into computer databases daily in a speedy manner. Aside from inputting information, they are also the ones responsible for proofreading, updating and processing data. Moreover, dealing with customers and preparing reports, letters and labels for mail-outs are also part of their duties.

so, what are the skills you need to land on online data input jobs?

Skills to Land on Online Data Entry Jobs

Irrespective of the size and amount of the data that you have to input, you must maintain accuracy. This is because inaccuracy of data may upset the whole system. To add fuel to the fire, it can also be a cause bigger problems due to poor decisions. 

So, what are the skills you need to possess in order to land on a remote data entry work? Below are the following:

  1. Proficient typing skills
  2. In-depth knowledge of relevant software packages and computer skills
  3. Basic numeracy and literacy skills
  4. Administrative and Organisational skills
  5. Good communication skills
  6. Good customer service skills
  7. Ability to work under pressure
  8. Patience to do repetitive tasks

Once you have all these, there is no doubt that you will able to land on a virtual data entry position.

At HOPLA, we have a team of skilled individuals who can take care of any data interpretation for you. With their vast experience and in-depth knowledge of data entry, they will be able to perform the task with excellence.

Online Data Entry Jobs Progression

Just like any job opportunities, landing into data entry jobs online is not a dead-end career. As you gain experience, you get to handle tasks that require a higher level of skill and accuracy. There are also times when you get to progress as a specialist or a supervisor. And how do you attain this?

Below are some of the tips to spice up your career as in online data input jobs.

Increase your Accuracy

In any online job, accuracy is with utmost importance. This is because all key decisions will be based on the data that you have inputted in the database of the system. Thus, errors should be avoided.  How? below are some ways:

1. Know the sources of Inaccuracies

Businesses should identify the most common sources of inaccuracies. This way, it will be easier for data entry managers to fix the cause of inaccuracy and bridge the gap.

Some of the most common causes of inaccuracies are:

  • incorrect values
  • movements of data from one database to another database
  • time-bound changes (i.e: marital status)

2. Set Data Accuracy Goals

Mistakes cannot be avoided. With the amount of data that you have to encode, it is understandable that you commit one or two errors. However, this scenario is something we would like to prevent.

Thus, setting realistic and attainable data accuracy goals is important.  Not only does it avoid accuracy error. But, it also shows that the management takes an active role in developing goals for their team.

3. Avoid Overloading

Another way of maintaining accuracy is to avoid overloading. Data entry managers must ensure that their team is not put under pressure.

The more pressure your online team gets, the more tired they become. This increases their chances to commit errors in typing. Thus, if there are a lot of things to do, make sure that you delegate the tasks among the team members.

4. Review

In any typing jobs, reviewing what you have written is one of the most effective ways to check for some errors. It goes the same for online data entry jobs. Thus, businesses must have an efficient system of review. Moreover, they must have a system for double-checking data.

With this, business will have a system for quality assurance and professional check.

At HOPLA, we value the importance of accuracy. Thus, we make sure to get skilled professionals who are keen to details. Our team of people who work from home are trained to do their job with accuracy and is familiar with ways to avoid errors.

2. Gain Online Data Entry Jobs Experience

The basic role of data entry specialists is to input text and numerical materials onto databases. Moreover, you know that there is really no academic requirements needed for this role. However, that is not a reason for you to stop leveling up your career.

One way to spice up your career is to gain as much experience you can get. Below are ways how.

1. Get Further Education

Enroll in certificate programs offering clerical data entry. Obtain your certificate in it. Likewise, earning a Master of Business Administration can help you level up your skills. This is especially for MBA courses that offer management-related classes like statistical quality control and database systems.

2. Get a Mentor

Online data entry jobs are not easy. Anyone who lands on this career path knows the complexity and the importance of your tasks. Thus, if you are new to the field, getting a mentor or two would help you adjust accordingly. Your mentor/s should be someone who can guide you in achieving your goals. ‘

Having someone who can give you realistic advice and guidance will motivate you to do better each day. Thus, with their help, you will aim to achieve more and dream bigger.

At HOPLA, we acknowledge the dreams of our team members. Thus, we give them our utmost support and guidance that spikes their career. This way, we just don’t help them achieve their dreams but we also train them to give you the best service.

3. Get Automated

Getting automated is also one way of securing accuracy. Having an in-depth knowledge of what software to use to avoid error will speed up the process of data entry while increasing accuracy.

Utilizing Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition Software reduces data inaccuracy. This software automatically read and extract some data types. This leaves you to lesser type which results in lesser mistakes.

In addition, having automated error reports increases accuracy. It points out mistakes as soon as it encounters one. May it be a missing Social Security Digit or the like.

At HOPLA, we offer you a set of different software that our team of devoted virtual data entry team members use.

4. Practice Typing

Lastly, practice makes perfect. Thus, there is no other way to spice up your career by practice typing exercise.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the tips and spice up your career today!