Technology played a big role in changing the way we consume products and services including travel planning packages. You, as a travel consultant, needs to adapt.
You can step up your travel consulting business by hiring a data entry specialist that can assist you in setting up your business in the digital world.

Travel agents can now hustle less

Travel arrangement has never been in demand this year thanks to social media exposure of places that we didn’t know exist. The increased number of tourists around the world gave more opportunities for travel consultants to draw more clients and craft their services for loyal clients.

Gone are the days when you have to go through piles of papers to research for unique travel destinations and activities. With the digital revolution upon us these days, it should be a priority to augment your online presence to reach your target market as well as for your target market to reach you through several taps on their screens.

Ways hiring a data entry specialist can lighten up your workload

So you have your website and social media pages up. What now? Hiring someone to do some of your tasks can do so much for your travel consulting business in so many ways such as the following:

  1. It can get you ahead of the curve. They can transfer your paper-based information into your computer database while working on maintaining and updating data to deliver up-to-date information to your clients. Your data entry specialist can collate and seamlessly send valuable information to your client and potential ones to push them to make that final call to purchase.
  2. Be more organized. Getting help to encode gives you more time to focus on you crafting the perfect travel plan for clients with different preferences. They can also do additional research on new travel places, scout for current accommodation prices, and generate leads of potential partners for your travel consulting business.
  3. Upgrade your customer support service. A data entry clerk can extend their service to responding to client queries and directing them to you depending on the query’s level of urgency and difficulty. Call it prioritizing, you have the freedom to attend only to crucial situations that need your presence the most.
  4. Improving customer experience. In case of sudden change in tour dates, packages, tour preferences, and unforeseen circumstances, a data entry’s superb organizational skills can come handy.
  5. Maintain positive online feedback. They can work on maintaining good feedback about your business on prominent review sites such as Tripadvisor, Skyscanner, Klook, and more.

Work from home data entry professionals

Hiring an addition to your team could be the next best thing you can do this 2019 as part of boosting your business goals. Working with a versatile data entry professional can be a rewarding experience for solopreneurs and small companies alike. Imagine someone doing all the learnings of familiarizing themselves with new database and software for you.

Regardless of your business location, you can still hire a data entry specialist to assist your business without limitations. Additionally, work from home data entry specialists surely has their own equipment and the rate is usually more affordable compared to an office-based data encoder. Data privacy and security is not a problem thanks to technology as all data will be on the cloud and will only be accessible by those who have permission. Wonder how it works? Call HOPLA today and jump start your digital journey ASAP!