If Content is King, then content moderators are kingmakers. Content moderation is vast, digging through write-ups, image moderation, even every single comment given by strangers on your page also gives you some sort of responsibility if it contains inappropriate language, image, and behavior. Because of this, automated content moderation has been created, although bots can only do so much. They cannot read through misspelled words, cannot crack the coded human language and sometimes they just really have limited inputted programming. Humans are still the final straw that filters the content of every single website even today. This gave rise to new outsourcing opportunities, outsourcing content moderation services.

Need I explain why outsourcing is now a billion dollar industry and still growing? Well let me put it in simple words because it makes sense: First, it caters to the specific need of its client, if its customer support you need, the experts in that is what they offer, if it is digital marketing services, they also act as creative talent agency who supplies talents as well as tools to help your company reach its digital marketing goals. Second, they are a cost-effective employee solution as you need not hire an in-house employee where you will pay for benefits, provide an office fit-out and office fixtures and equipment. Most importantly, probably one of the most challenging parts of a business is managing your people, with outsourcing, this is something that comes in for free when you purchase their services.

Outsourcing Content Moderation Services: WHY

With the vast influx of information in the net, your company, in order to keep up also needs to pump your various channels with creative contents, blog posts, news article, images, and videos. These channels are guaranteed sources of traffic that you’d like to transform to paying customers but can also be easily drawn away by inappropriate, futile, or boring contents. This is why outsourcing content moderation services is a vital part of every company’s digital marketing effort. Online content moderators are important for your business primarily for two things: to drive the right traffic and to scan through user-generated unwanted contents.

  1.  Content moderators help you curate contents that are targeted for your specific audience. If you are selling butcher or carving knives you’ve got to make sure you are not creating contents, posts, and videos that would attract vegans. First, you don’t want unnecessary hate comments on your site and second, there is no way they will buy what you are selling. A great marketing campaign using the wrong channel is as good as no marketing campaign at all.
  2. Everyone nowadays is encouraged to voice their personal opinions and concerns, some people call that constructive though others might view this as indeed, destructive. When your site and your business has a worldwide reach it is important to be very careful even sensitive to matters that other culture or group of people might find offensive. That is another thing online content moderators do. They also make sure there wouldn’t be any unwanted frenzy on your website when unwanted users share hate speech, violence, nudity, terror threats on your social network. Outsourcing content moderation services to assist you with this would not only help your company avoid PR nightmare but also avoid legal implications that could arise from unwanted inappropriate content.

Outsourcing Content Moderation Services: HOW

There are various ways of having an online content moderator, you can hire them in-house, you can also get a freelancer, or you can do outsourcing content moderation services. Let me give you a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each.

In-house content moderator

Pros: The proximity of having an online content moderator in-house gives you more control over your content moderation operation. They work hand-in-hand with you and therefore you could also be hands-on in updating procedures and guidelines based on the immediate needs of your content moderators.

Cons: Laws that govern the online world is vast and some if not most independent companies are not fully knowledgeable about it. Having a company that is in that line of business and is trusted by a lot of other companies to handle their content moderation services may give a better sleep at night knowing the possible legal ramifications and profit implications this may cause your business. Not to mention the overwhelming overhead expense.

Freelance content moderator

Pros: With freelancers, a company can lower its risk in terms of termination in case they don’t perform as expected. You are also free of employee benefits and compensation and are often hired on a project basis so you don’t have to pay them when you don’t need them.

Cons: They usually juggle with different jobs, therefore, lacking that dedication for your business. They usually care about the quality of a finished project but not for the overall success of the company they are freelancing for.

Outsourced content moderator

Pros: Having an expert team of online content moderators to streamline your content can save your company time and resources. These people are tested with vast experience to handle digital security practices with ease and guaranteed results.

Cons: They lack the first-hand inner working of your company. They are dedicated to perform a specific task and perform it well but often they are more dedicated to the outsourcing company they are employed in. Another con might be that these outsourcing companies often only deal with big multi-level companies and has no options or flexibility for smaller requirements of a start-up or small business.

Outsourcing Content Moderation Services: WHERE

Now that we have seen the pros and cons of different sources for a content moderator, the big question is now where to find them, which sites to visit, which service provider fits your needs perfectly. In finding a serving provider for your content moderation needs it is important to consider the following variables:

  1. A service provider must be able to scale with your business. From becoming a one-man team to a multi-level company it is important that it understands your needs, meet them and work through it.
  2. Must be cost-effective and efficient.
  3. Must be dedicated to growing with you and your business, not just a single project.
  4. Must have a diverse pool of talent where you can screen and hand-pick the specific qualifies employee that you deem fit for your team.

All these qualities you can find in one HOPLA schedule a call now and find out how they can help you with your content moderation needs and other remote professional requirements.