Online businesses are constantly thriving. Being an online business owner means taking advantage of technology in maximizing marketing efforts to improve revenue. While there is an umpteen of tasks that an online personal assistant can help you with, email marketing can be the simplest yet tricky. For starters, this is the most convenient way of disseminating information, marketing effort, promotions, and announcements to your clientele.

Email is never a thing of the past

Email may sound archaic, but it is not. Half of the world’s population have an email address and a high percentage of them are active email users. Not to mention, ages 18-65 are considered to be business owners or part of the corporate workforce at the very least. This means they have access to email most part of the day. Email marketing can potentially do best for your business if done appropriately.

From the right frequency of content to template and design, it should be formulated with proper planning and execution to trigger a customer’s curiosity to open your messages. (If you don’t know where to start, your virtual executive assistant can surely help!)

6 Types of email that need to reach your client’s inbox

Sure, you know the importance of email marketing. But what kinds of email exactly do your customers love having in their inbox? Check out this list of top clickable email types your customers would appreciate.

  1. Welcome Email. Imagine your online store having a physical space. You obviously welcome each customer with warm and friendly smiles next to assisting them to find what they need. A welcome email works the same. It should be right in your customer’s inbox 24 hours (or ASAP!) Enter your new client opt-in to your list.
    It should simply indicate how happy and grateful you are for their subscription. This way, you can inform them in advance to expect monthly or weekly newsletters from you. In addition, you can also give them a welcome discount coupon to hype up their interest in your products!
  2. New product email. Aside from the in-store product launch, you can introduce new offerings via email. While the primary purpose of this should to inform more than promote, your virtual executive assistant can always find a way to stir in new product description in a way that will tickle customers’ interest so you can expect a sale. For example, you can slash the price for those who will purchase before the official launching date. Or you can simply indicate why it stands out among its competitor products.
  3. Promos and updates. Email marketing would not be marketing without marketing. This type of email allows you to hard sell all you want to entice customers to make a purchase. The effectivity of this email content type is proven as long as you make it short and sweet, generates a sense of urgency, and product visuals are captivating.
  4. Greetings. Holiday seasons are an opportunity to address and acknowledge your customers for being part of your business’s journey. Other than big holidays like Christmas and New Year, it is also much appreciated to send in your greetings on your customers’ special day. Making them feel that you remember them on their birthday would create a lasting impact on your customers. Your virtual administrative assistant can not only help you craft a personalized template for this very important meeting but also to manage your calendar to prompt you never to miss any special events. Sending them a token of appreciation in a form of discount or a freebie can build loyalty and trigger an upsell.
  5. Invoice. E-commerce websites which accept and process payments via their website are obliged to send an invoice for every transaction made. Online payments may be seamless but that doesn’t mean it’s always safe. Making your customers feel that their money is safe and their products are arriving when expected gives them a sense of calm which construes trust which is always important especially in an online transaction.
  6. Newsletter. This may be the least appealing to customers but is a very valuable email that needs to reach their inbox. Newsletters do not intend to sell but to inform a customer about the latest news and happenings about your business. But in the digital world where we are fighting for a customer’s attention, newsletters need not be long and thorough. It must be short and straightforward with an easy-to-look-at design.

Personal assistant online to rescue

This is just a few of the many other types of email that will help your business increase brand awareness. It’s up to you to decide which area to extend your money and effort in your email marketing campaign. The six mentioned above can be time-consuming and brain-draining. Luckily, virtual personal assistants can be versatile enough to manage multiple tasks and craft varying types of email for you.

While you have to expect that it takes some time to finally grasp an effective email marketing campaign, having a virtual administrative assistant will make it easy for you by shouldering the nitty-gritty of the business and letting you handle the core business.

With HOPLA, you can save yourself from the worries of intricate email content writing with the help of a skilled professional. HOPLA’s virtual personal assistants use state-of-the-art designing tools for email creation. They are proficient in email automation tools which allows your business to properly sort your subscribers into proper segmentation so they have to receive only emails that are appropriate for them based on their purchasing stage. Email marketing is an inexpensive yet effective marketing strategy which can be done with ease with the help of your online personal assistant.

Get started with HOPLA today and learn other skills and tasks our skilled online professionals can deliver for your business!