Your to-do list stretches to a mile, your schedule’s a mess, and you have over 1000 emails in your Inbox. While these can be good indicators of a thriving business, doing everything on your own can be overwhelming. Being hands-on in your company has its advantages; however, trying to do it your way is not the best approach all the time. If you feel that your day-to-day tasks are taking your focus away, it might be time for you to hire a virtual personal assistant.

Why hire a virtual personal assistant

If you insist on doing everything on your own, chances are you’ll find yourself stressed out sooner or later. Fortunately, one of digital technology’s best gifts to humankind is the virtual assistant. They are remote workers who are hired by businesses to take on daily administrative tasks. They can sort your emails, field calls, arrange your schedule, and even deal with your payroll and accounting. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are virtual services that are involved in content creation, social media management, research, and customer service. Essentially, if it’s a task that your business can delegate, a virtual assistant is ready to take on the challenge. Furthermore, you give and get back more from your business if you hire a virtual personal assistant. They can cover the stressful, time-consuming work, while you focus on running your business. 

Recognizing the tipping point

When things start falling through the cracks, that’s a surefire signal that you need to hire an assistant. Here are five signs that it’s time for you to let go and let a virtual personal assistant take over: 

You are losing track of high-value opportunities

If answering phone calls and checking your emails are keeping you from sourcing new clients, you’re missing out on the opportunity to grow your business. Administrative tasks can be demanding and draining. Moreover, these tasks take up the time that you could be spending on realizing creative ideas. Having a virtual secretary on board can let you explore investments, nurture prospects, and build lasting connections. 

You are doing work that requires niche skills

Digital marketing, web development, content writing, and social media management are roles that require specific skills and experience. There is no shame in recognizing that your expertise is not aligned with any of these examples. However, your business will benefit more if you hire a professional to do these for you. You can leverage their knowledge and skills to help you allot more time for the things that you consider as your expertise. 

You feel stressed and your health is suffering 

Biting off more than what you can chew is stressful. You’ll be pressured to deliver your tasks on time and may forget your most valuable asset – your health. Working long hours and getting stressed from all the functions that you need to do can take a toll on your well-being. For example, missing meals because of being too preoccupied with meeting your deadlines. Working too much might also eat your time for proper exercise. (Admit it, you even forget to do a bit of stretching!)

You feel that there’s so much to do, so little time

When you get to the point where you think that all you do is work 24/7, let an online personal assistant ease your burden. Putting in 12 to 16 hours a day for work even on weekends will only add to your stress. An online personal assistant can support you, thus, enabling you to work reasonable hours and still hit your targets. You can enjoy the advantage of an entire day of coverage for your overseas clients too. Having a virtual assistant around at any time of the day can leave you free to catch up on sleep.  

Your personal development is taking the backseat

Taking a hands-on approach for your business may not allow you to develop your skills and relationships. You’ll tend to prioritize work over your personal life. If you’re doing all the work, how can you spend more time with your family? Are you just going to miss out on all the new cool shows on Netflix? Would going to the gym become a rarity? What about the things that you enjoy doing, like reading, cooking, or going to the movies? Don’t let your life take the backseat. Hire someone to ride shotgun with you to steer your business to success. 

Outsourcing virtual assistant services

Keeping a tight grip on tasks that you can delegate to a virtual assistant may result in missed opportunities. You can suffer from burnout and lose your motivation to power through business challenges. You’ll never get the time to focus on value-adding tasks or worse, live your life to the fullest.  Furthermore, your struggle to deliver a ton of tasks by the end of the day is a tell-tale sign that you need help.

Reignite your passion for growing and improving your business by outsourcing virtual assistant services through HOPLA. With HOPLA’s virtual assistant services, you make your time even more valuable. Email or chat with our experts today and never miss out on business milestones and eventually, life achievements.