The endless rise of digital keeps encouraging industries to fast track their processes and keep up to the ever-evolving change in the workplace. Effectiveness and efficiency to compete for being the key factors that bring business to success. The truth is you, as a professional, can focus on improving your services by letting virtual personal assistant services handle the rest.

Conservative industries start joining the game

Obviously, industries passionate about digital have long been adapting all possibilities to speed up their system and delegating repetitive tasks to virtual executive assistants who are experts in their field — administering daily monotonous jobs with ease.

Lately, conservative industries such as law firms, accounting firms, banking, and trades started venturing into virtual personal assistant services to 1) cut costs, 2) enhance daily operations, and 3) expand marketing efforts with an affordable but effective approach. Although these conservative industries still see some drawbacks in hiring a virtual assistant for their office, the pros weigh heavier and results are better when tasks are entrusted to the hands of the experts.

Virtual executive assistants as an asset

These professionals address the need for a reliable right hand in businesses regardless of their size and industry. More than the countless benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, here are ways how a virtual executive assistant can build up your career in an instant.

  1. Remote In-house bookkeeper. Bookkeeping may sound boring and time-consuming to you, but virtual executive assistants love dabbling the nitty-gritty such as this task. Leave it to them. Most virtual assistants have prior experience in invoicing, bank reconciliation, paying bills, and keeping track of your payables and receivables. In the case of inexperienced VAs, you can always train a dedicated candidate. All it takes is proper training and let them do the job in the following months.
  2. The first point of contact. A virtual executive assistant can be the first point contact of your clients for scheduling consultations and more inquiries. You can invest in a VoIP which will be the official phone number of your business and let your VA answer all incoming calls and attend to only the most important matters. Saves you time and effort!
  3. Email Responder. Save yourself from the time-demanding works of managing your email. Skip lots of spam messages and newsletters (always up to you) and let your virtual executive assistant to keep your email inbox organized. In addition, they can take over in replying to FAQs such as your services, your operating hours, rates, and more.
  4. Social media marketer. These days, it’s hard to ignore social media channels for your marketing stints. No social media presence means no existence for your business. Most virtual executive assistants are expected to have prior experience in social media management and marketing. Take this opportunity to bring in more clients for your business.
  5. Versatile admin. To be clear, a virtual executive assistant can be more than the equivalent of your in-office admin officer. They are usually sealed with a wide range of skills that doing admin tasks is just a piece of cake. Additional tasks can be doing transcriptions, e-paper works, licenses, business-client contracts, and more.
  6. Human calendar. No need to look at your calendar. One nudge from your virtual executive assistant will remind you of your to-do’s with highlights of the ones that need to be prioritized.
  7. Legal Researcher. A solo law practitioner can teach their virtual executive assistant some basic legal research to assist them in their works. Regardless of the research procedure, it is guaranteed the learning of a virtual executive assistant to learn new skills fast.

Virtual personal assistant services as a partner in success

Given the fact that businesses in conservative industries get more and more of virtual assistance services, finding the perfect VA seems to be complicated considering data privacy. Entrusting company data to a reliable professional still makes prospective clients think twice and VA companies acknowledge this issue.

HOPLA, a distributed outsourcing company, continuously finds and implements solutions that will support the reliability and security of work-from-home companies and employees. Utilizing time-tested tools, collaboration, and project monitoring software, HOPLA never fails to consistently supply clients with outstanding talents that match their needs. Bounded by a common virtue with the company they are in, our team of personal, virtual assistants aspires to push a business into its full potential.

Care to know how our virtual personal assistant service work magic? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with us so we can formulate the best approach tailor-made for your business.