With the growing number of work at home outsourcing companies worldwide, it’s completely normal to celebrate the holidays with the whole team in the virtual workplace. While there have always been occasional video call meetings, it happens very seldom that people meet online to chat about non-work agenda just like in physical offices.

This Christmas season, you need not be like those work at home outsourcing company employees having a dull holiday season facing their laptops just like an ordinary day. But how do you celebrate the holiday season when you’re at home workmates are all trapped in the computer screens? Don’t fret because we will help you spread the holiday vibe just in time for the most awaited Holiday season!

Arrange a work at home outsourcing team virtual party

Get all the Santa hats and dress up in your quirky costumes! Video call conferences always have a reputation of being stressful with work-related conversations that come with it. This time, you can arrange a video call for the team, all dressed up, and just chat about random stuff like each one’s personal hobby, life projects, advocacies, and their pet dogs or children’s achievement at school.

Virtual parties are also an opportunity for team members to know more each other outside of work. Maybe you can get tips from someone in your team who loves gardening as much as you do. You’ll never know.

Share engaging activities together

What could be more fun than spending an activity together? Not physically, though. For instance, you can ask the team to paint a ceramic plate. If the location is not much of a problem, you can send the materials earlier before the activity. After the painting session, you can share each other’s progress every once in a while. Set a deadline for the finished product where you have to show everyone’s dainty craft.

Additional tip: you can skip the fact that it’s a friendly competition and make the company owner choose the best output. The chosen winner will get a prize–may be a gift card, a discount voucher, or electronic products such us one-year free subscription to Netflix, Apple Music, or Spotify.

Send Christmas Gifts to employees

Remote employees deserves some lovin’ too! Send them a gift to remind them how you appreciate them, not only for the service they render but also for being loyal and diligent team members.
Gifts may come in different forms. If employees are within reach and sending a package wouldn’t take forever, you may ask for the book they’ve been wanting to read and send it to them.

Alternatively, you can always send discount coupons and gift certificates to buy anything they want. If an employee is a movie geek, get them a movie ticket for the whole family. Travel package for the digital nomad, and cloud storage subscription for the all-around digital artist. All of these can be easily delivered through email. Of course the trick is always to get to know your employees so you know which gifts would really suit their style.

Award each one with special recognition

Office-based Christmas parties have become another event for awarding a top talent and celebrating the achievement of the organization. You can also do that on a video call. Dedicate a portion of your virtual party to recognize every team member who showed impeccable output throughout the year.

If you’re running a small remote team, it’s best to give each member an unconventional awards other than being a Top Performer. Some ideas for the unique awards are Perfect Attendance Award, Hyper Helper Award, Cloud Tool Master Award, Rockstar Rookie Award, and more! The more creative, the more fun!

We at HOPLA, a distributed outsourcing company, make sure to extend the holiday vibes to our work from home employees. Learn more how we make this possible by calling us today!