When is the right time to hire a project manager? Is it when your projects are constantly over budget? Perhaps, it is when your team starts to lack motivation. Or maybe it is when you start missing your deadlines. More often than not, these are the signs that you are lacking a vital person in a team- a project manager.

Many businesses nowadays do not find the need for them to hire a project manager. This is mostly true for startup companies. Thinking that they still do not have quite a lot of projects and offers, they prefer to invest their money elsewhere. However, as their company grows and as the number of projects increase, the need arises.

What is a Project Manager?

A project manager is the overall in-charge for leading a project from planning to execution. Part of their job is to manage the people, the resources and the scope of the project too.

More often than not, an online project manager is not directly involved with the process of producing the end result. However, their position oversees the project and leads the team in materializing the plan. They also oversee associated products and services to ensure good practices. In addition, they are also responsible for recruiting team members, and for making projections about the risk and uncertainty of the project.

They do not need to be physically present to oversee the project. In fact, a work from home project manager can do just the job for you. At HOPLA, we have a team of dedicated project managers who will guide you in your business. Their expertise in the field will be of great aide from beginning to the end of the project.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Project Manager?

Time is gold. This may be a cliche but it is true when we talk about business. Every second is important especially when we are beating deadlines and attaining quality work. Because the truth is: Time is of utmost importance to both the business and the customers. Thus, business owners need to assure that they will be able to deliver a project on the set deadline, the way it is planned.

However, there will come a time when your projects do not deliver as planned.  Likewise, there will be a time when your customers are no longer satisfied with your delivery. During these times, you are still unsure whether or not the cause of all these is your lack of an online project management and manager

To help you, we have provided five questions you can ask to help you determine whether it is a high time for you to hire a project manager today.

Does your project lack clear objectives?

“Begin With the End in Mind”

Stephen Covey, Author of 7 habbits of Highly Effective People

Beginning with an end in mind will let you have a clearer goal of what you want to achieve. The same goes for projects. In order for projects to achieve, having a clear objective is vital. Your objectives set the direction of your work from the very beginning. Likewise, having a clear set of objectives helps your team keep their focus and enthusiasm towards achieving them.

So, if you are having a hard time setting clear and achievable objectives,  perhaps it’s time to hire a professional to help you with this. A project manager creates comprehensive project plans. S/he also decides on the procedure and the plan to achieve those set goals. They usually create online project management systems. This makes it easier to track how your progress.

Are you having “scope creeps”?

Are you constantly experiencing a sudden change in your plans? Scope creep is one of the most dreaded things that can happen to any project. It occurs when one constantly adds features and functionality without considering the effects on time, costs, resources and customer approval. Usually, this is the effect of not having clear objectives- you get lost.

So, if you are experiencing scope creeps, maybe its time for you to get an online project management system. Likewise, maybe it is a high time to get an extra pair of hands from a professional who possesses management skills necessary to contain these changes.

Do you keep on missing deadlines?

As mentioned earlier, time is important. A missed minute can change everything. So, if you are continuously missing your deadlines, it might be better for you to consider adding a project manager to your team.

One of the key aspects of project management is time management. A work from home project manager helps to avoid delays in the delivery of your project. As a result, you avoid financial setbacks and clients distrust.

Do your projects go beyond the budget?

More often than not, when your project experiences scope creeps, you keep missing deadlines.  And, when you keep missing deadlines, you will keep on having excess costs.

Getting an online project management system prevents excess costs.  Likewise, it helps you maintain the balance between time, costs and scope.

Are there a lot of miscommunications in your team?

Effective communication is the key to building a successful team. So, if there are constant misunderstandings within your team member, project management would be the best indicator.

Project managers do not just deal with the project but they also manage people. They deal with the team’s different conflicts. Also, they coordinate and communicate the most important project information to the rest of the team. They delegate work equally and make sure that requirements are met.

How to Find the Best Online Project Manager

Finding for the best candidates is not that easy. There are a lot of things that a company would consider before hiring one. Do they have good communication skills? Are they resilient, proactive and enthusiastic? Yet, what most companies fear the most is that are they dedicated enough?

At HOPLA, we hear all of your concerns. Thus, we pride ourselves with remote project managers who are not just freelancers, but team members who embody our values of Collaboration and Efficiency. With our online project management programs, we provide our clients with an efficient and transparent working environment. Likewise, we make use of different project management websites to ensure you that we deliver your projects at the right time and the way it is planned. With our team of skilled project managers, we ensure you high quality and risk-free projects, which have been the trademark of the HOPLA team.

So, if you need to hire a project manager today, give us a call and ensure a successful project ahead!