BPO companies and work from home companies have earned a good reputation for helping businesses by providing quality business process outsourcing services at low labor costs. However, you can only identify the good and bad effects of BPO services when you have actually worked with them.

Reviews from credible sites such as Glassdoor can give you an idea BPO companies’ dependability and sometimes that’s enough for a starter. Read on as we give an overview plus more insider tips on working with BPO and work from home companies alike.

The evolution of BPO companies

Even before the power of tech made a drastic change to business operations, business process outsourcing has been around even before the internet. Back in the day, manufacturing companies acquire or “outsource” the help of a third party company for their supplies. Fast forward to today, business process outsourcing still promotes efficiency in the workplace through smarter delegation and focus on business’ core processes.

BPO companies have since evolved to what it is today — a US$140 Billion-size industry according to BPO Services Global Industry Almanac 2017. They function more efficiently as ever thanks to technological advancement which enabled automation in the workplace. The same technology is responsible for allowing employees to work remotely without worrying about data access and security.

Asian countries like the Philippines, China, and India to name a few are becoming the melting pot of BPO companies because of their world-class talents and affordable service rates. The radical growth of these companies worldwide is an obvious indication of the benefits of outsourcing not just to businesses but also to economic growth on a macro level.

Work from home companies molds the present

Work-from-home companies are the future of business. Compared to BPO companies, work from home companies promote more flexibility to both clients and employees. While work from home companies are bounded by each company’s set of rules, there are certain things in common: increased productivity and better results.

Work from home companies meticulously filter their employees and hire only professionals, given the trust and work-related confidentiality employers have to invest in them. This set up is not for everyone that being part of a work from home company earns an employee a badge of trust and professionalism. To clients, work from home companies gives you access to a global talent pool without borders.

These days, some BPO companies have adapted the work from home set up. This allows employees to work anywhere in the world as long as they report on agreed time and have the necessary tools for work. The freedom and flexibility contribute to employee happiness that leads to loyalty, high retention rate, and eventually, increased income for the business.

The best fit for your business

The availability of the two best industry work set up can be confusing for a business owner looking for some help. Which one can positively contribute to your business? Which one is less costly? Which one has the people to work with?

Why settle for one when you can have the benefits of both? BPO companies on a work from home setup totally exists and they are doing exceptionally well in the industry. HOPLA offers outsourcing services just like BPO companies do, only we do have a whole team of remote workers from across the world.

We make sure that the remote staff and the client work smoothly in harmony armed with the right tools and expertise. We utilize the most updated technology for pooling and managing creative talents. A well-managed team delivers only the best, and we are always stoked to help businesses of all sizes to climb the success ladder.

Curious about how to work with a team of remote workers? Call us today and we’ll tell you more!