The way that social media has changed the global business landscape and customer engagement is undeniable. Across different industries, it is now difficult to think about setting up a business without a clear social media strategy. Every business, large or small, must be ready to support how people form opinions about their brand. One way of doing exactly that is to hire a social media virtual assistant. Certainly, if you want to expand your online reach, let a virtual personal assistant take on the challenge.

The Prevalence of Social Media

Social media use is widespread, thanks to the ever-changing developments in technology. People browse their Facebook, consume 280 characters on Twitter, and share images on their Instagram all day and night. In fact, most consumers nowadays rely on their social media connections to find products and reviews before making a purchase. Market research company GlobalWebIndex illustrates how 54% of social browsers use these platforms to research products.

GlobalWebIndex, 2018

This study only proves the importance of nurturing your online presence. Buyers search for reviews and recommendations online and it’s essential that you provide what they’re looking for. To make the most out of this opportunity, a social media expert can help you maintain focus on your target market. However, hiring a social media manager can be overwhelming for some businesses. It can be time-consuming and costly especially when you are just starting out and looking to spend on paid ads.

Luckily, managed outsourcing firms like HOPLA have a readily available talent pool ready to share their skills and experiences with you. So, what should you expect from a HOPLA talent?

Excellent Communicator

They will constantly be in touch with you and your customers. They are expected to monitor and engage with your audience. Furthermore, being an excellent communicator means being good at not only using the proper language but also knowing how to best convey your message. A virtual personal assistant is also a good listener, which is useful in handling customer requests and complaints. Truth be told, one complaint tweet left unanswered can cost you followers or worse, your brand’s image. A social media VA with excellent communication skills can certainly save you from the horrors or terrible customer service.


Although we now know that customers do not purchase products from the get-go, they first consume information on social media. As a data-driven environment, you will need a resourceful social media manager to research and draft content for you. However, it’s not only about posting content on a given schedule. It should also be about producing valuable content that promotes your brand and what it stands for. For example, a social media manager can draft a social media calendar indicating key campaigns and topics posts that you can approve before getting it published.


Their attention to detail goes beyond avoiding typographical errors. It can be instrumental in accomplishing other tasks too. Carrying out a social media marketing campaign requires you to measure its success. After setting a goal, your social media VA should help you strategically define it. A social media manager who is detail-oriented will pay attention to data that matters most to your goal. For example, they can keep track of your online campaign’s progress and regularly draw up metrics and reports. These will provide you the information you need to figure for your campaign.


Social media never sleeps. They are constantly changing too. HOPLA’s virtual personal assistants are flexible enough to look out for these changes and ensure that your accounts are up-to-date. They have an ear for the news and make sure to craft relevant content that can help your brand boost social credibility every once in a while. Personality wise, their flexibility allows them to keep up with deadlines even if they’re from a different time zone. It’s a skill that you can see in action as they keep your social media profiles relevant and always on-trend.

How about Technical Skills?

Of course! Just like any other professions, hiring a social media professional should be taken seriously. HOPLA’s social media VAs are experienced in using important software to make social media management quick and convenient. They are trained to embrace automation to expedite repetitive tasks such as content posting on various platforms. It’s not a secret that you can post the same content across all your social media pages by using social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social.

But more than anything else, we believe that the soft skills mentioned above matter more. It is especially because technical skills and software know-how can be taught in the process. Surely, tutorial videos are up on Youtube!

Social Media Virtual Assistant from HOPLA

Valuable content, consistent monitoring, and seamless customer engagement help you stay relevant in the social media race. If you are too busy to screen and hire the perfect social media virtual assistant, let HOPLA lend you a hand. HOPLA understands that you need to focus on your company’s core functions while keeping an eye on your target customers. Fortunately, through HOPLA, it’s possible to find a social media expert who possesses the ideal qualities and skills that will match your business needs.

Start staying on top of your social media accounts without worrying about the cost of virtual assistant services by outsourcing one now through HOPLA. Skyrocket to social media stardom by talking to one of our experts. Get in touch with us today!