In the world of artificial intelligence and voice assistants, becoming the best virtual assistant in the job market is becoming more challenging than ever. Aside from being a general assistant for an individual or a business, one has to upgrade their working skills and knowledge to attract a wide variety of clientele across all industries.

But it’s not robots vs. humans anymore. It’s you versus you. As a matter of fact, a virtual personal assistant can usually get three to five clients. That goes without saying, virtual assistants who are dedicated to a single entity can do so much in a day! That’s the reason why some are confident to lower their rates, as long as they get more clients. But does that guarantee quality output? Can a low rate give justice to you as a remote worker? Here we will guide on honing your skills and personality to become the best virtual assistant you can be without compromising important factors.

Strict Time Management

To be the best in your field, you need to be effective and efficient. These two E’s determine your worth in an organization. Given the busy virtual work setting, having strict time management is essential to accomplishing a task. Time-tracking tools and project management software such us Clockify can be your ally. These tools can be useful in evaluating the amount of time you dedicate to a certain task and will be instrumental in assessing your improvement.

Embrace Automation for Productivity

A progressive virtual assistant knows that technology exists and embrace it to their advantage. Automation tools promote productivity by saving time on repetitive tasks. Saving on time means deduction on labor costs and results in profit increase.

Set up a daily goal

Setting a clear goal every day helps in getting done with all their deliverables. When it gets critical, a VA knows which task to prioritize. Another benefit of setting a daily goal is to avoid overworking. To say the least, having a concrete plan for the day helps a virtual assistant work on ideal pace while ensuring the quality and accuracy of their output.

Multi-tasking is the enemy

Multi-tasking seems ideal for the busy bees. While it seems like you are finishing many tasks all at once, it’s discovered that humans brains are not great at handling multitasking. Studies also revealed that multitasking can reduce productivity by 40%. Not an appealing number for those who want to hustle. Additionally, researchers believe that doing many tasks simultaneously can affect a person’s cognitive ability. With the said, it dominoes to lesser effectiveness and more stress for the doer.

The best virtual assistants recognize the boundaries of human capacity. Once they focus on the job, they get it done and swiftly proceeds to the next task. When the mind is dedicated to what it is doing, it creates great things that can go beyond human imagination.

Learning and re-learning

Do you remember yourself being a newbie in the field of freelancing or remote working? You surely aced the interview and get your first job by admitting that you don’t know everything and mentioned that you are willing to learn as well as to be trained. Even if you have been working for years and consider yourself an intermediate in the field, you should have the mentality of a novice: always willing to learn and ask for help. The world keeps evolving and so is your work. Years will come that your knowledge will be outdated. Learn to ask for help from your colleagues. Sometimes, admitting that you are not capable of something can lead you to great things.

Harnessing the best virtual assistant in you

There’s a saying that “comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nobody grows there”. And it’s true. Being the best in your field requires getting out of your comfort zone. It demands learning and re-learning all the essential skills to thrive in an ever competitive work environment.

Remote companies like HOPLA understands the persisting demands brought by technological advancements across industries. That’s why we promote managed outsourcing where we train our administrative talents and prepare them to be the best in every niche they will be assigned to. Created by professionals with years of outsourcing experience, HOPLA has access to some of the best tools in the virtual sphere today. We claim to be perfectionists in matching the best virtual assistant to the best client.

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