Virtual assistant data entry jobs are not as easy as you might think. It involves more than just creating and uploading documents and spreadsheets. When performing administration tasks for frontline or backend operations, having a virtual assistant who has a keen eye for detail and runs quality checks for data accuracy is a plus.

Managing a company’s data is the primary task in virtual assistant data entry jobs. These jobs mostly involve typing or encoding information and uploading them onto a designated database, which is why it’s a preferred career option for detail-oriented people. Dealing with data evidently requires precision and accuracy. You cannot be a successful virtual assistant with just fast typing skills; you also need to ensure that the data you are handling, whether it’s a word-processing type of document, or a spreadsheet, is complete, and correct.

Accuracy is Gold in the Digital Age

Internet search engines offer a myriad of sources for almost anything under the sun, leaving no room for excuses when it comes to double-checking your data. Therefore, it require you to be a savvy online searcher too. Good thing there are some tricks behind a Boolean search that can help with advanced searches and ensure that you have data that is accurate.

Boolean, what? It may sound intimidating at first, but we apply it whenever we go on Google and use its search engine. Boolean logic is the legacy of British mathematician George Boole. It is, in fact, credited with laying the foundations for the information age. Boolean search is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results.

Boolean logic has been used in search databases to retrieve precise results through operators like AND, OR, and NOT. Learning to use these Boolean operators as search techniques will enable you to quickly find relevant information from the countless records found on the Internet.

Refining Internet Searches for Virtual Assistant Data Entry Jobs

Knowing how to correctly use Boolean operators can improve the way you check data accuracy. Boolean operators to connect your search words together to either narrow or broaden your set of results. The most common operators or commands to a search engine are AND, OR, and NOT.

If you can recall your English grammar classes, you know that AND and OR are conjunctions or a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause. These joints are common Boolean operators that merge keywords and yield information containing only your keywords or any document with one or both keywords.

For example, use AND if you want to retrieve only the information where ALL your keywords “virtual and assistant” are present. Use OR to connect two or more similar keywords. OR lets you find documents with ANY of your keywords. For example, the search “virtual assistant or online administrator” will retrieve documents where both these words appear.

NOT is another operator which prevents results that have your keywords appearing together. Use NOT to exclude words from your search. For example, the search “computer not science” will find results in which “computer” appears but “science” does not.

Another Boolean operator you can add to these common commands is Quotation Marks. If you want your search to return results with the exact word or phrase that you typed, using quotation marks will retrieve only documents containing the words you enclosed. For example, “virtual assistant data entry jobs” will yield results with these words in this exact order.

HOPLA Virtual Assistants know the Trick

Accuracy is essential to credibility. You will not entrust your data with just anyone, the same way that a virtual assistant will not input incorrect information. Using search keywords that are too broad will not be helpful in keeping data precision. Let these Boolean search operators fine-tune your searches and increase your accuracy.

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