With the recent increase of online entrepreneurs setting up shop on virtually every platform, online marketing consulting has received its boom. In the eCommerce game, it’s not just about opening up your store on Shopify or Facebook Marketplace anymore. If you want customers to come to your digital storefront, you will need the services of a specially trained team of experts. These consultants won’t just bring in visitors to see your shop site—they can also convert visitors into paying customers.

Your Brand, Your Identity

One of the significant advantages of having a digital marketing expert on your side is that they know how to make your brand visible. Your brand is your company’s image, and it needs equity in the online world. What are your brand values? Do you have informative details on the services or products you offer? What does your brand seek to attain for your customers?

With online marketing consulting, an expert can give you valuable insight. A digital marketing consultant helps you determine your brand identity. They can determine which demographics are looking for your services and what appeals to them. The experts can connect you with them.

  • Real life example: Juvia’s Place started as a small makeup company; one of many newcomers in the field. Their identity: they produce highly pigmented makeup products. They target people of color who have a hard time finding items that will look most flattering on their skin. They use African-themed packaging and concepts to appeal to that demographic. This concept is their brand’s identity, which appeals to their target demographic.

The Social Media Climb

Similarly, another way that online marketing consulting helps your shop is that they can enhance your social media strategies. Online marketing managers are the go-to experts for creating social media campaigns.

By studying your target demographic, they can carefully curate social media posts. They can indicate what time your primary demographic is most active and determine what posts appeal to them the most. This way, your potential leads will see what they like and are more likely to head on to your online shop.

  • Real life example: Airbnb appeals to the younger, new generation of travelers that want to see the world, its incredible sights, and–above all– at a less cost than standard hotel rooms or other luxurious locations. As a result, they have targeted individuals looking to rent out their apartments to these travelers so that they can make extra income. Through online marketing consulting, one of the ways Airbnb made waves in social media is their “We are Here” campaign. These were Facebook Live events that showcase a specific “must-visit” location that appealed to their demographic. It urged people to seek out lodging or post lodgings for that location.

Content Remains King

In addition, digital marketing consultants have one more ace up their sleeves. They can produce plenty of brand content. A great deal of the online audience consumes media visually in this speedy age of internet marketing. However, it is content that keeps them on the page.

Online marketing consulting experts know that what is on the page is more important than just what visitors see. They provide keyword-rich, relevant content to draw leads. In addition, by giving them the information they have been looking for, that they want to know from your business and finally, they will be urged to proceed with a purchase. Content could range anywhere from social media posts to full blog articles and website text. Design and visuals are indeed able to draw customers in; but above all, it’s what the content says that makes them stay.

  • Real life example: Bottle Cutting Inc. is an e-commerce site that aims to sell items. Customers get more compelled to buy with its helpful, instructive blog posts. Online marketing consulting can give similar strategies to shops; they produce excellent content on relevant topics. By showing the customers the hows or whys of a product, they are more likely to click that buy button.

The right combination of campaigns and techniques, coming from well-informed experts in the digital marketing game, will make a huge difference for an e-commerce site. By taking the best practices and putting them into action, a shop can go from zero views to thousands, in the high speed of the internet’s attention. Above all, it’s just a matter of getting the right people to help.

Online marketing consulting involves talents like those from digital marketing managers, social media managers, content writers, and more. HOPLA’s roster of expertise in online marketing can help propel your brand front and center to your target demographic. Head to HOPLA Online to learn how.