Many people think that the agriculture industry is so much behind other industries in terms of digitization. While it might be true at some point, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. In fact, Digital Agriculture is now a trend in farming, which aims to help the farmers to feed the world. The advent of technological advances in the agricultural scene brought in so much pressure for the farmers and the agribusiness as a whole. This has made the work more challenging and that having an online personal assistant can come in handy at any rate.

Virtual Assistant Akeira

In 2015, a virtual assistant named Akeira was launched with the objective to help farmers in Tamil Nadu, India improve customer outreach. For once, they used Akeira by asking about the weather–which places an essential part in their line of work. Akeira was made available in all mobile devices. The Siri-inspired VA was used by both private and government subsidiaries to spread farming information such as market prices, weather advisories, chemical use, and more, to all Tamil Nadu farmers located across the territory. The government, in return, received the data of how many among all Akeira users got the complete message. This technology has reportedly boosted farmers’ yield and prevented crop failure over time.

A Personal Assistant takes care of the rest

Robotics technology is impressive, no doubt. But if you combine it with human skills, it promises remarkable results. AI can only do so much. Looking at the bigger picture, you still have a lot of things to do while digitization runs everything in autopilot. Working with a dedicated assistant online can benefit your agribusiness in countless ways. From administering repetitive jobs to establishing partnerships to elevate sales, they can be your right hand while you focus on the essential matters.

They can also tell the weather

A simple Google search will give them the weather information you need, not only for the day but also for the extended week or month!

Administrative tasks are easy-peasy

Getting an online personal assistant can lighten your workload as you let them man the (virtual) front desk. From phone calls coverage to email filtering, they can cover everything admin for you and your business.

Data Entry Masters

Keeping track of your crop production over the years can benefit your agribusiness in so many ways. In fact, this record can help you in decision-making for scheduling your crop production throughout the year. They are trained not only to input data but also maintain your database and keep it flawlessly organize.

Calendar Managers

They can watch over your personal or business calendar. They will notify you when you need to deliver a specific product to a particular client. When it’s time for your workers’ salary, they can nudge you for payroll.  If included in your personal VA’s job description, they can even do the payroll work for you. More than that, they can schedule your client meeting in just a matter of a few clicks.

Building Partnerships

Digital agriculture can seriously boost your crop production and it’s time to expand your network. They can make this happen. You can sit back and relax as they find new clients and partners for your agribusiness. Having more partners will be beneficial not only to you as the agribusiness owners but also to your subordinates included themselves.

Where to find a dedicated personal assistant online?

With thousands of qualified virtual assistant candidates make themselves available on the internet, it’s hard to find the best one that will match the demands of your agribusiness. Some professionals specialize in specific industries. Agribusiness can be one of them or not. However, virtual assistant companies are now making adjustments to meet the needs of clients from different industries.

HOPLA is making a difference in the virtual assistant field. HOPLA is a work-from-home company that trains dedicated a team of personal assistants online to prepare them in this ever-competitive job market. Our talents are equipped with all the necessary skills from general administrative knowledge to software-specific know-how to help them be an asset for every business. Try one of our best managed professionals and witness your agribusiness rise to fame.

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