An online virtual assistant job is a trend that’s not going to go away anytime soon. It has become increasingly popular over recent years with both employers, and employees, and for good reason. Hiring an online assistant does more than just solve your numerous staffing problems. It provides the much-needed flexibility and increased productivity you require, especially in a healthcare services office.

Diagnosing the need to hire a virtual assistant

As a healthcare professional, you have a lot on your plate but not enough time on your hands. On top of your practice, there are various administrative tasks that you cannot perform on your own. Picture this:

Your small private practice has just begun receiving and treating patients. Your 10 o’clock flu vaccination is now at your door, but you’ve pulled out the wrong patient record. Luckily, your file drawer is organized and you didn’t break a sweat in finding the right one. You’re now administering the flu shot when the laboratory tests result you requested for another patient comes in. A patient suddenly calls in to cancel her Pap Smear appointment. Your Inbox is full of emails from patients waiting to be scheduled for their medical check-up the next day, and it’s only half past 10 in the morning.

Getting a VA will certainly help ease the burden of your hectic schedule and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. Improved productivity at a low operational cost? Sounds like a winning combination. So how does it drive success for your clinic? Easy. Let managed outsourcing company HOPLA help you hire a virtual assistant.

Leveraging an online virtual assistant job

The healthcare services industry requires a specialized type of virtual assistance and for that reason, your VA should have relevant experience in the medical field. Furthermore, this understanding of medical terminologies can be useful if your they will transcribe medical consultations. What other responsibilities can you expect from them? Here’s a list of what they can do for your clinic:

  1. Managing calls and emails. This job requires someone who has excellent communication skills and customer service expertise. Answering calls and replying to emails are probably the most basic tasks you can assign your online assistant, but these are also the most important. While they can field calls and emails about your services, they can also handle appointment bookings and likewise, rescheduling them if necessary.
  2. Coordinating appointments. The candidate must be someone with good planning skills. This will come handy when your virtual assistant organizes your day-to-day schedule. As a result, you can avoid double booking patients or worse, miss an appointment with the help of an online assistant who can set calendar reminders for you.
  3. Maintaining patient records. A patient database makes it easier for you to keep track of your patient’s medications and treatments. An online assistant’s organizational skills can make it easier for you to monitor your patient’s medical progress.
  4. Updating the official website. With modern technology, you can now put up a website or an online bulletin board, but healthcare professionals often do not have time to update an online account. The online virtual assistant job has become more than just transcribing audio files and doing clerical work. Your virtual assistant can do research on what’s new in the medical field and share it on your social media account.

Prescribing an online virtual assistant

An online virtual assistant job supports doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in running their daily clinic operations. Hiring a virtual assistant lets you improve your frontline patient services and back-end administrative work. Enlist HOPLA‘s expertise in distributed outsourcing to find a virtual assistant who can simplify your office workflow and let you focus on providing quality healthcare to your patients, stat.