We have seen how remote personal assistants has evolved from being a cheap-labor option to being an integral part of every business’ day to day operation. Often when a business is just starting, and you’re in that sweet spot of needing an extra pair of hands but also cannot operate yet as a multi-level company, the first to help you would be seeking is that of a work from home assistant. It is no surprise that every business’ first employee is almost always a VA as the scope of the job your remote, personal assistant can do is immense. They can handle menial tasks of filing, scheduling, booking your business, and even personal itinerary, data entry and the like. They can also act as your salesperson by answering client queries, and sorting orders, sending out marketing campaigns, managing your email and website, or sometimes even do cold calling. Your work from home assistant can also act as an overall manager of your business as she handles the most delicate information and decisions made for the business, and could also make suggestions, and offer solutions for your business. The workload your remote secretary could do is immense that is why often they are referred to as the right-hand person of the business owner. We understand that a position like this is very delicate and needs careful consideration. So in this article, we have placed the so-called “top” Virtual Assistant Platforms under a microscope and discuss whether they really deserve the top spots.

Habiliss and MyTasker

Both companies are based out of India and there is really no competition in terms of pricing when you compare both with their US or EU based counterparts. Both are in the top of their game being the top virtual assistant platforms that offer VA services from India. The difference between the two is that Mytasker usually provides a dedicated VA to handle your business or personal needs while Habiliss is a hit or miss as the success of every task highly depends on the assistant who picks up the task at hand. It would also broaden the scope of the task you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant when loyalty has been built through hours and tasks accomplished together. While both companies’ edge really depends on their competitive prices, the main concern most of the customers of both are the VA’s themselves, though could be highly qualified and well educated, some of their clientele are pulled back by the fact that a local company is being represented by someone from India to make an inquiry, follow up, or proposal for a local company. Some clients especially the ones not very adept with outsourcing find this practice quite odd or even alarming for some.

When you hire a VA from virtual assistant platforms like HOPLA, not only do you get a full-time dedicated staff whose time and performance is monitored and managed, you also have the opportunity to go through our customized recruitment process which will enable you to get the perfect candidate for your every business need. We make use of the best and latest technology incorporating AI and NLP in our hiring process to ensure both the client and the employee finds their perfect match. If time is of the essence, you can also scan through HOPLA’s carefully selected talent pool who are not only equipped with the necessary skill and tools to work efficiently in a remote environment but also has the dedication and commitment to grow with your company. If you need a Spanish speaking VA, someone who works a night shift in your home office but without the night differential rate, or someone who is pocket-friendly but without the highly distinguishable accent, then this company is the answer.

WorldWide101 and TimeEtc

Both known as one of the top and long-standing virtual assistant platforms in the market. Both have years of experience in providing mainly virtual assistant services among others. Both promises to offer seasoned professionals who can be integrated as a part of your team. They also offer services in multiple languages, onboarding services, and management assistance. Now, what is the price to pay for their supposed “top-notch service”? You guessed right over the top prices. WorldWide101 offers their basic 10-hour plan for a whopping $390 while TimeEtc roughly charges $21 per hour for their low-tier VA services. Simply not the prices especially small start-up companies could work with. Being cost-efficiency as the main driver for almost all business to venture into outsourcing, these prices would probably get you to thinking whether getting these services would make your business some money or spend it relatively to these services as well.

With HOPLA you will get the same or even better services for a considerably lower price. With these competitive prices, you can choose to scale and expand your remote team with other technical experts which our company also offers such as photo and video editors, SEO and SMM experts, even project managers. With HOPLA, pricing control and visibility to help trigger trust, which in turn triggers better collaboration between our clients and our team members. With HOPLA you get everything the “top” virtual assistant platforms offer with the price that is what made you decide to venture into outsourcing in the first place.