The virtual desktop instance is responsible for getting a remote company up and running. Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI is a virtualization technology that hosts a desktop operating system on a centralized server in a data center. It is an improved variation of the server-based computing model. In short, VDI provides a platform to connect everything that your remote team will need to get the job done.

VDI and the Evolution of Remote Working

A decade ago, the idea of remote working or even building an entirely remote workforce seemed far-fetched. Getting a job meant conquering the daily commute and staying in the office for eight hours. It was far from the concept of delivering results from the comforts of your living room. There are still companies that employ this familiar setup. However, with modern technology being the catalyst for change in many industries, working remotely began to enjoy increased popularity.

With the cultural shift in doing business, more and more companies are turning to the idea of working remotely. One option is allowing employees to work out of the office at least once a week. The other is assembling a whole team of staff to work from home. This appetite for the work from home setup eventually gave rise to more flexible arrangements at a business and championed the advent of managed outsourcing companies.

In fact, outsourcing your workforce is an effective way to manage costs while giving you time to work on things that matter to you and your business. You may think your work is done after setting up your remote team. But the question of how the actual work should be conducted may keep you up at night.

Good thing virtual desktop instance is available to give you the speed you crave. VDI takes workflow and productivity problems off your mind by connecting all your different apps and data in one secure, high-performance platform. It eliminates the need to provide your remote team with a laptop or computer because they can use their own devices thanks to VDI. They can send emails, fill out time cards, and do their job securely anywhere and anytime.

Virtual Desktop Instance Supports Productivity

Another factor to consider in the success of a business is its employees. In fact, good productivity has always been linked to employee happiness. Improved productivity is exactly what you need to grow your business and measuring it is no doubt one of the ways to make remote work more effective.

It allows remote teams to increase productivity. Here are some examples of how virtual desktop instance enables productivity in the virtual workplace and therefore induce happiness among your employees:

  1. Promoting prioritization. It connects your remote team to your company’s network and visibility to how your team is operating. You and your remote staff can make short-term and long-term lists that can help them structure their day to achieve their goals. Thanks to this technology for presenting the available tasks at hand. In turn, succeeding in their daily goals can benefit your business. This will give your team a sense of achievement and career fulfillment.
  2. Decreasing Distractions. Remote work has been linked to irresponsible social media browsing and other non-work-related distractions. Don’t fret, because virtual desktop instance can ensure that they are focused and engaged with their tasks. That means having only work-essential programs available for them to ensure focus and time dedication. It provides your team with the tools that they need to perform their duties efficiently and sharp on time.
  3. Mobile Motivation. Having virtual desktop instance to connect your team through VDI technology means letting your remote staff to access your process anytime, anywhere, on any device. You have all your data available on a secure platform. Your team can access them at home, at the dentist, or even while traveling out of the country. As a result, no time wasted for your business.

Finding the Best VDI Solutions for your Business

Technology advances and internet accessibility allowed companies and business owners to warm to the idea of working remotely. As technology transformed the modern workforce to become more collaborative and mobile, businesses gained an opportunity to reap the benefits offered by a centralized desktop.

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